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Spotify cracks down on ad blockers, may ban accounts using them

The free tier of Spotify includes non-skippable audio ads, so naturally, developers have found ways over the years to circumvent those ads. Spotify has become much more aggressive towards ad blockers over the past year, like filing DMCA claims against the popular 'Spotify Dogfood' app, and now it will start taking more drastic measures.

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Facebook attempts to clarify its terms and data policy to address privacy concerns

After being in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, Facebook is moving to allay data privacy concerns and restore some semblance of trust. This comes after the Cambridge Analytica scandal — in which data from 87 million users was improperly shared — and another controversy surrounding data harvesting in Facebook's apps. The FTC has been watching these stories with interest and is now investigating the company's practices.

In response, Facebook has made its privacy controls easier to access and use, and now two blog posts detail further changes. The first of those outlines proposed updates to its terms of service and data policy, designed to provide extra clarity without asking for any new permissions or altering previous choices.

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WhatsApp updates Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to add sharing information with Facebook

WhatsApp today has updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the first time in four years, to reflect changes made in the app since that time. Perhaps the most important changes regard information sharing with Facebook and the 'Facebook family of companies,' and updates concerning WhatsApp Calling, which launched over a year ago now.

The changes regarding Facebook mean that some information on a WhatsApp account can be shared with Facebook to help improve the company's products and services. This should allow for better spam fighting and abuse, as well as seeing "better friend recommendations and more relevant ads on Facebook."

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Grooveshark's New Chromecast Feature Is Disabled By Google After The RIAA Cries Foul

Remember Grooveshark? It's OK if you don't - after all, the controversial music sharing app hasn't been available on the Play Store for more than two years after it made its amazingly brief debut. But users can still get the app as an APK download on Grooveshark's site, and last month they were thrilled to find that it supported Google's Chromecast streaming gadget. Until today, when Google unceremoniously blocked it from accessing Chromecast features... reportedly at the request of the RIAA.


Yes, the Recording Industry Association of America is still alive and kicking, serving as the real-world embodiment of John Lithgow in Footloose.

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Republic Wireless To Customers: "It's Not OK To Root Your Phone"

Just like subscribers to any other phone service provider, advanced users of the hybrid 3G/WiFi mobile virtual network Republic Wireless are eager to customize and modify their phones - probably more so, in fact. That's why we posted a rooting guide for the only Republic phone available, the Motorola Defy XT.  But in a message to the Republic subscriber base, an employee clarified the company's position on rooting, custom ROMs and other modifications to the Android hardware it provides to its customers. In a nutshell, Republic will not look kindly upon root or modification of any kind.

We've seen a flurry of questions and comments recently, and we wanted to provide some answers and a bit of context.

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Popular Caller ID App 'Mr. Number' Forced To Disable Crowd-Sourced Caller ID Feature Due To A Change In Google's ToS

We've all had this happen: your phone rings and the caller ID shows only a number because the contact isn't in your address book. You've no idea who it is, so you reluctantly answer. Turns out it's either someone you don't want to talk to, a wrong number, a bill collector, or some other person you'd have rather avoided.

Before today, an app called Mr. Number could've made that scenario play out a little bit differently. The app had a feature called crowd sourced caller ID, which - get this - shared your entire address book with other Mr. Number users.

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Grooveshark App Can't Catch A Break, Disappears From The Play Store Again After Just A Few Days

It's never easy to be a questionably-legal music streaming service on the internet. Grooveshark has had trouble with submitting an Android app in the past. A couple days ago, we thought the company had ironed out its problems with Google's ToS when it reappeared on the Play Store. Not so, it seems, as the app has now been pulled yet again.


We haven't heard exactly why the app has been pulled this time around. No official word has been posted to Grooveshark's blog yet. Though, it wouldn't be hard to imagine the reason why. Grooveshark has always operated in a bit of a legal gray area.

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