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SEGA adds Virtua Tennis Challenge to SEGA Forever but still can't figure out how to please fans

Virtua Tennis Challenge is the latest Sega game to be added to the Sega Forever classic games collection. Like all Sega Forever games, Virtua Tennis Challenge is free-to-play with advertisements and contains a single in-app purchase of $1.99 that removes said ads. This gives players a way to try the game without going out of pocket. What is funny is this appears to be biting Sega in the butt, as the reviews so far have not been kind at all.

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Sony Smart Tennis Sensor Now Available Online In North America, Europe, And Other Markets

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is obviously a niche device. Do you play tennis? Are you dedicated enough to want to track how fast you swing? Are you willing to pay $200 to do so?

For the person that answers yes to all of these questions, the Smart Tennis Sensor is now available for purchase in parts of North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Sony demoed off a prototype device two CES shows ago, and sometime after that a consumer-ready product launched in Japan. Now it's coming to other parts of the world.

The Smart Tennis Sensor isn't its own racket—it clips onto the bottom of yours.

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Official Wimbledon App Brings Live Tennis Commentary, Photos, And More To The Play Store

For those looking forward to 2012's playing of what is widely considered the oldest (and most well-known) tennis tournament in existence, the official Wimbledon app hit the Play Store recently, bringing live scores, results, schedules, and more.

The app, despite its somewhat all-over-the-place UI, provides a ton of functionality, not only giving users information about the games, but also about players – Wimbledon's official app gives users player profiles, video previews, highlight reels, features, interviews and "golden moments" photos. If that isn't enough, players can tune in to three "Live @ Wimbledon" radio channels – one providing general "Daily Coverage" and two channels dedicated to Centre Court and No.

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Roland-Garros® 2012 Is The Official App Of The French Open, Tennis Fans Rejoice

If tennis isn't your thing, then I'll see you later! Now, for the rest of you, get ready to download one of the most important tennis-related apps of the year. The French Open has its own app in the Play Store right now. The app allows tennis fans to keep track of the schedule of the two-week event, get alerts before and during the event, and integrates relevant Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as real-time stats.

french1 french1 french3

The event starts on May 27th and lasts for two weeks. The app will start warming up on May 22nd, though, so sports fans can get started scratching that itch early.

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[New App] Stay On Top Of The US Open Tennis Championship With The Official App

The US Open Tennis Championship is set to kick of on August 29, and if you want to keep up with all of the happenings of the event, the US Tennis Association has teamed up with IBM to bring an official app to Android.


The app features everything you need to stay in the loop:

  • Live video streaming during Labor Day and Finals weekend
  • On-demand video of highlights, press conferences, and analysis
  • All the latest news
  • US Open radio with live streaming
  • Daily schedules
  • Photos, draws, and Twitter coverage

ss-480-0-0 ss-480-1-0 ss-480-3-0

The app is free in the Android Market, hit the links below to grab it.

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[Review] Deflecticon Throws Some New Features To 3D Pong And Thrives In A Touch Environment

Ah, nostalgia. I remember back in the days of surfing through there was a game called CurveBall. In what must have been cutting-edge coding at the time, you were put in control of a 3D pong paddle which could influence the way a ball was shot by moving the paddle as they made contact. It was pretty much a high-tech version of tennis, and was pretty kick-ass.


Deflecticon is a game that's similar to CurveBall (it's even mentioned in the description), only instead of using your mouse, you use your finger on your smartphone or tablet. You face off against a number of computer controlled opponents, with multiplayer to come in the future.

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