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Touchless Chat Lets You Send And Reply To Messages On Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, And More Using Just Your Voice

joaomgcd's apps are usually about pushing your phone to do more with just your voice and some Google Now command integration, and Touchless Chat is no exception. The app takes the idea of interacting with your phone via voice commands and applies it to one area where I personally wished Google Now and Wear were better: sending messages to your contacts (ie initiating a conversation instead of just replying).

There are many layers to Touchless Chat and many ways of initiating a chat with a contact, but before we get into that, you'll need to give the app some permissions, mainly for accessibility, notification access, and device administrator. That's a lot of leeway, but it's the only way the app can work, so just be thankful that it doesn't require root as well.

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Telegram 2.7 Adds Session Management, 2-Step Verification, And Link Previews

Just because we often mention WhatsApp here on the site, it doesn't mean that we don't keep an eye on its fan-favorite competitor Telegram. Rising from its modest start, the service has been commendably quick to add new features, design guidelines, and always improve security. This latest update brings two new options that privacy advocates will appreciate and one that will make your chats even more enjoyable.

First on the security front, Telegram now lets you set up two-step verification so that you're asked about a password before signing in to your account from a new device.

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[Update: It's Back] Telegram+ (From The Former Dev Of WhatsApp+) Pulled From The Play Store By Google For 'Impersonation' Of Telegram

The developer of WhatsApp+ didn't let the forced removal of that app get him down. No, he went right back to work on an enhanced app for another popular messaging service. Telegram+ was born just a few days ago, but now Google has stepped in and removed it from the Play Store for violation of the intellectual property and impersonation rules. We probably should have seen this coming.


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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of February 2015

February saw some considerable new apps, both in terms of new services like YouTube Kids and Sling TV, and in expanded tools like PhotoMath and Microsoft's first custom keyboard for Android. If you find it hard to see the tiny type on your new ultra-high-res phone, check out BIG Notifications. Below are our top seven picks from last month, along with some honorable mentions.


YouTube Kids

Android Police coverage: [APK Download] YouTube Kids Is Official, Adorable, And Now Available On Google Play [Hands-On]

YouTube is great.

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WhatsApp+ Developer Releases Telegram+ After Being Forced To Drop The First Project

The developer who was forced to pull WhatsApp+ after receiving a cease and desist letter from the folks at WhatsApp (cough, Facebook) is at it again. Now that talent is going over to Telegram. The developer has decided to release an enhanced version of the instant messenger by the name of Telegram+.


Telegram is an instant messaging service that emphasizes speed and privacy. It encourages developers to create third party apps utilizing its open API and protocol.

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Secure Messaging App Telegram Adds Photo Editor And Passcodes In v2.5 Update

Whatsapp gets all the attention, but Telegram has a lot going for it too. This messaging app features full end-to-end encryption and a modern material theme. As of v2.5 it also has a photo editor and optional passcodes for improved privacy.

2015-02-25 21.36.02 2015-02-25 21.36.38 2015-02-25 21.37.01

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Secure Messaging App Telegram Hits v2.0 With Material Design, Optional Account Self-Destruct, And More

Do you fret about vast government conspiracies, lizard people running the world, and the all-seeing eye of the NSA? Well, you might have a little problem with paranoia there, but you don't have to be paranoid to see the appeal of Telegram. This is a secure messaging app that has full end-to-end encryption, and with version 2.0, a new material design theme.

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