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Telegram 3.8 Introduces Redesigned Chat Screens And Bot API 2.0

Telegram has just received a huge update to version 3.8 with plenty of goodies for all its loyal users to enjoy. There's a pretty important new version of the Bots API, but before we get to that, the app also got redesigned chat screens and a couple of small functional changes too.

I don't use Telegram enough to be able to tell the difference between these new chat screens (in the image above this post) and the old ones, but the most apparent change to me is that the bubble's anchor is at the bottom now as opposed to slightly higher.

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Telegram 3.7 Brings Updates To Supergroups With Support For 5000 Members, Pinned Posts, And More

Telegram's Supergroups were introduced back in November to let group admins bump up the member limit of regular groups from just 200 users to 1000. Surely, there's no way anyone would ever need to make a group larger than that, right? Wrong — at least according to Telegram's developers: version 3.7 now supports groups up to a whopping 5000 members. "That's 5 times as good," and it's hard to argue with that logic.

Telegram 3.7 also brings a few other nifty features to Supergroups, including pinned messages that show at the top of the screen, public links so that anyone can join or anonymously browse a Supergroup (trust me, there's no reason why you'd want to join Telegram's public test group), and a handful of tools for group admins like blocking users or deleting messages.

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Telegram Updated To v3.6 With Message Editing, Admin Signatures, And More

Telegram recently announced it had more than 100 million monthly active users, and coinciding with the announcement is a new version of the app that might push that number even higher. Telegram v3.6 brings a few improvements to messages, admin signatures, and stickers.

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Telegram Now Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users And Delivers 15 Billion Daily Messages

Many of those who use Telegram swear by it. Not just because the messenger app is great, but because the developer keeps adding cool and innovative features, expanding to other platforms, and generally outclassing the competition in several areas. But what Telegram lacked so far are active users. It doesn't matter how awesome your messaging client is if no one you know is using it.

But Telegram is catching up to the competition (all of which shall not be named in this article, we're going to honor Telegram here). Some of you will say it had to do with that other service being sold to that third service, or to some service suffering from an outage, or to any number of reasons, but the truth is that Telegram is growing and the reason doesn't matter as long as the result is that more people are using it.

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Telegram Updated To v3.5 With Improved Secret Chats, New Photo Editor, And More

So you don't like WhatsApp? No problemo, there's always Telegram. This encrypted messaging app has been getting a lot of attention ever since Facebook started exerting control over WhatsApp, and with good reason—Telegram is pretty neat. The v3.5 update is rolling out today with improvements to secret chats, voice messaging, a new photo editor, and a ton of other stuff.

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Telegram Introduces Inline Bots And Faster GIFs

The developers behind the Telegram messaging service are starting off the new year with a few additions to their app — perhaps with the hopes of keeping their 5.7 million new users hooked. Version 3.4.0 brings faster GIFs and inline bots that are accessible within chats.

Here's the full changelog:

  • GIF revolution: up to 20x faster downloading, autoplay, save GIFs to a dedicated tab on the sticker panel.
  • More about GIFs:
  • Inline bots: A new way to add bot content to any chat. Type a bot's username and your query in the text field to get instant results and send them to your chat partner.
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[Update: Ban Lifted] Brazilian Judge Orders 48 Hour National Ban On WhatsApp, Users Flock To Telegram

Telecom operators in Brazil have been working for months to undermine the legality of WhatsApp, and now a judge in Sao Paulo has apparently agreed with the arguments. Starting at 9PM ET this evening, WhatsApp was blocked in Brazil, and will continue to be blocked for 48 hours. Mobile operators have said they will enforce the block (probably while high fiving each other). What will happen in 48 hours is unclear, but you can bet Facebook has multiple planeloads of lawyers on their way to Brazil. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum is certainly not amused.

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Telegram Updated To v3.3 With Supergroups, Admins, And More

Secure messaging client Telegram gets updated frequently with new features, but it's still 100% free and has no ads. The latest batch of awesome and inexplicably free stuff includes the option to have more than 200 members in a group, and should that larger group (or any group) need official admins, you can do that too.

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Android Wear v1.4 Makes Some Minor Changes To The Settings Screen, Prepares For New Wear OS Update [APK Teardown + Download]

Version 1.4 of the Android Wear app started rolling out late Friday. The theme of this update, at least for what's currently live, is a set of changes to the Settings screen. There are a couple of new options, but they come at the expense of the battery stats screen. A look under the hood also shows that a few other features are either live or in the works for the next Wear OS update.

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Telegram Updated To v3.2.3 With Marshmallow Enhancements

Marshmallow is officially out now, and that means developers can update their apps with 6.0-specific features without feeling too guilty. Telegram is updating today with some Marshmallow tweaks, and at least some of you will be able to use them. Not many, though. Sorry.

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