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Telegram v3.17 brings the long overdue support for custom themes

If you're a Telegram user (hi), then you'll understand how cool this latest news is. The privacy-focused messaging service is finally getting custom theme support on Android, which is just fantastic. You have three basic ones to start, and one of those is a dark theme. 

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Telegram update adds deleting recently sent messages, network data usage, and Gboard integration

A new year means a new Telegram update. Version 3.16 adds in deleting recently sent messaging for everyone, network usage information, short links, and a host of small, but significant, improvements to the Android app.

The big addition is the ability to delete recently sent messages, stopping everyone from seeing them. Telegram's blog entry on v3.16 says this is available up to 48 hours after the message has been sent, so any drunk tweets can be got rid of once you've sobered up a bit. It's not clear, however, if this still works if the recipient(s) has seen the messages.

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Latest Telegram update brings IFTTT, conversation pinning, updated photo editor, and more

Users of Telegram, there's a great update to the app available. This new version brings a few big changes, including some Android-specific ones. The most notable ones for the messaging service as a whole are IFTTT integration and conversation pinning. Sounds cool, right?

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Telegram updated to v3.14 with 'Instant View' links, interface improvements, faster camera, and more

Telegram updates are always fun. Not only do the developers tend to release substantial new features, but the changelogs and blog posts are amusing. Such is the case with v3.14, which is rolling out now in the Play Store. The Android version is getting some wide-ranging updates to bring it closer in functionality to the iOS app, and there are some all new features like Instant View links. It's like viewing links, but you know... instant.

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Telegram adds photo masks, GIF creation, and trending stickers

We're a bit late with this news, but this is what happens when an update rolls on Friday and we're short-staffed over the weekend, so please forgive us. Telegram, a popular messaging app among our readers, has added a few cool features in its latest 3.12 update and is promising more now that the summer break is over.

First is a major improvement to the photo editor that lets you draw on photos, apply stickers, text, and most importantly (or most relevant nowadays, because I can't judge how important this is to you) masks. Masks will resize and overlay on your photos smartly, because just like Snapchat, they can recognize faces.

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Editorial: Google Allo looks a lot like WhatsApp, not Hangouts, and that's not necessarily a bad thing

... and a lot like Telegram. And Facebook Messenger. And plenty of other messaging apps too. But enumerating those would make for a very long title so I had to restrict it to the most popular messenger out there.

Google Allo, unlike its sister app, Duo, has its work cut out for it. While Duo doesn't have a clear competitor in the simple one-on-one mobile messaging field, especially on Android, Allo faces a roadblock of established opponents that have had years to develop their featureset, userbase, and public image. On the one hand, this gives Allo the opportunity to start fresh without any unnecessary remnants that other apps and services carry because of their older origins and the room to learn from what has and hasn't worked for them, but on the other hand, it also puts Allo at the very bottom of a very steep hill.

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[Update: Block has been lifted] WhatsApp Is Blocking Telegram Links In Its Android App

Honest companies are expected to retain their users by offering the best service they can provide and not by actively locking them in and making it hard to switch to a competitor.

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Telegram version 3.11 adds group previews, personal storage, faster downloads, trending stickers, and more

Stickers: they're seriously business. Apparently. Not being into all of these newfangled messenger alternatives I've really never seen the point, but they're important enough that super-popular alt messenger Telegram thinks they need their own "trending" section in the app. Version 3.11 adds a trending sticker area to its dedicated sticker page, so you can browse the most popular images being used by the service's hundreds of millions of users. Neat.

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Telegram 3.10 introduces message drafts, a new video player, unread message counter, and more

Telegram v3.10 (they apparently weren't ready for 3.2) just dropped, and with it come a handful of new features. The headliner is message drafting - messages you don't finish simply will linger in your chats list with the red text "Draft" appearing above what you have typed so far. Drafts automatically go to the top of your conversation list, which actually does make sense, since looking at but not sending a message does mean you'd still consider that conversation the most recent one you've interacted with. Full changelog follows.

v. 3.10


- Introducing Drafts: Seamless syncing for unsent messages on all your devices.

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Telegram v3.9.0 Adds Message Editing, Member Mentions, People List, And More

I'll admit, I'm a Telegram newbie. I installed the app once, but kept finding myself drawn back to the standard Messenger (SMS) app. However, with the update to Telegram 3.9, I might get more use out of this popular (and secure) messenger app. You can finally edit messages, and it's easier to mention people regardless of whether or not they have a username.

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