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Gboard beta is getting Smart Compose for chat apps

Last year, Google rolled out Smart Compose and autocorrect to Gmail and the G Suite version of Google Docs. The feature automatically suggests words based on your writing patterns and common phrases, and it's eerily good at it. It looks like Google wants to expand Smart Compose to more apps, as 9to5Google has discovered a test that brings the feature to Gboard. As far as we can see, it works in multiple messengers like Google Messages, WhatsApp, and Telegram, but it may also be available for other apps.

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Telegram no longer blocked in Russia, app's founder hopeful

Telegram has had a difficult stand in Russia over the last years. Ever since the messenger was unwilling to hand over its encryption keys that would enable unrestricted surveillance of the chat app's users, the country has been attempting to block its citizens from accessing the service — albeit widely unsuccessful. After this two-year-long cat-and-mouse game that even involved our own sister site APK Mirror, Telegram is now officially available in Russia again. The platform and Roscomnadzor, essentially the Russian FCC, have reached an agreement on how to counter extremism and terrorism on the platform.

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5 cool Telegram gestures and shortcuts you should be using

In recent years gestures have become fundamental to the way we interact with our devices, prompting not only Android itself but also the apps that call it home to implement them. A prime example of this is Telegram, one of the best messaging apps out there. With such a rich tapestry of features included in Telegram, it's easy to miss some of them or forget that they exist. So, let's take a look at some of the most useful gestures and shortcuts that are hidden away in Telegram, and why you should be using them.

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Telegram 6.2 adds basic video editor, smoother animations, and more (APK Download)

Telegram is still gunning to be the best messenger app around, and even though a major v6.0 update landed just two months ago, Telegram's development team apparently hasn't stopped to take a break. Today the app began rolling out new features on both Android and iOS, most notably an editor for videos.

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Telegram passes 500 million installs on the Google Play Store


Telegram updated to v6.1 as it hits 400 million monthly active users

Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, Telegram has reached the milestone of 400 million monthly active users, up from 300 million a year ago. To celebrate the occasion, the company has introduced an update to Telegram version 6.1. It comes with a redesigned attachment menu, an improved quiz mode, and a proper sticker directory. Telegram also wants to create a database of educational quizzes and will distribute €400,000 to people who contribute to that goal.

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Telegram v6 introduces chat folders and archiving to declutter your feed

If you use Telegram and are overwhelmed by the constant feed of messages coming out of your family chats, work chats, friend chats, one-on-one chats, and updates from the brands and influencers you follow, you're probably in need of a way to sort them out. Good news, then: the app's latest update brings folders to file your chats in and an easy archival tool.

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Telegram 5.15 lands with improved profile UI, faster media viewer, and People Nearby 2.0 (APK Download)

Telegram may not be the most popular instant messenger, but it has managed to amass a loyal group of hardcore fans over the years who prefer its capabilities over those of any competitor. Its regular, feature-packed updates probably are another reason to like the app. As such, Telegram has published version 5.15 of its product. It comes with redesigned profile pages, Instagram Stories-like media browsing, and People Nearby 2.0. To help you celebrate Valentine's Day, the release also includes a collection of animated love-themed emoji.

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Telegram 5.14 adds multiple-answer and quiz polls (APK Download)

Telegram is a messaging app jam-packed with features, but it isn't resting on its laurels. A new version of the app includes reworked options for creating polls, allowing people to create multiple-answer polls and quizzes.

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Telegram v5.13 update brings new scheduled message setting, theme tweaks, and more (Update: Official announcement)

On the first day of the new decade, we all anticipate the promise and potential of a new year. If you're a fan of the messaging service Telegram, you also have a new update to look forward to. The latest v5.13 release includes support for gradient/pattern themes, message scheduling that targets a contact's online status, easier access to the Night Mode toggle, some new animations, and plenty of other improvements.

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