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Devolver Digital Brings Hyper-Violent Brawler Hotline Miami 2 To SHIELD Hardware For $5

The original Hotline Miami is a love letter to top-down action game excess, marrying tight and lightning-fast controls to neon-soaked, pixelated 80s aesthetics. (Oh, and that movie Drive.) It's a game that everyone should try at least once, if only to prove that you can make a modern game with old-school aesthetics, but keep enough innovation to make the whole experience seem fresh. On Android Hotline Miami is exclusive to the SHIELD, SHIELD Tablet, and SHIELD TV, and so it is with the sequel, Wrong Number.

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3D Space Flight Simulator The Battle Of Sol Released For The SHIELD Android TV

Looking for something a little different for your super-powered Android TV device (while you wait for all those PC game ports, like Borderlands and Metal Gear Rising, that NVIDIA is being oddly quiet about)? Then take a gander at Battle of Sol, an old-school space fighter sim with new next-gen graphics and a simplified control setup. The game was released on Steam last month after a lengthy Early Access period. It's fashioned after the 90s staples of the genre like Wing Commander and Freespace.

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Real-Time Strategy Classic Z: Steel Soldiers Loses Tegra Exclusivity, Now Available For Most Android 2.3+ Devices

It's been a good week for real-time strategy fans on Android. Yesterday a new game from the Anomaly developers was released, SPACECOM, and today gamers without access to NVIDIA-branded hardware can play Z: Steel Soldiers. If you don't recall, this Android port came out back in August of last year - about thirteen years after the original was released on the PC. It's a conventional real-time strategy game about robots killin' robots.

Z: Steel Soldiers can now be installed on any Android device running 2.3.3 or higher (or at least any of them that I've owned), so long as you've got $7 to put in the developers' jar.

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[New Game] Strategy Sleeper Hit Mount & Blade: Warband Comes To Android As A Tegra 4 Exclusive

Most strategy games have you working as some kind of commander-god, floating over the battlefield and handing out orders to nameless minions while building up your stronghold. In the PC strategy game Mount & Blade, you move and command your party, capture bases, and expand your territory... but you're also a fully-controllable warrior, dishing out punishing blows against your opponents right next to your carefully raised army. Mount & Blade: Warband, the second game in the PC series, is now available for the NVIDIA SHIELD and other Tegra 4 devices.

In Mount & Blade, you start off as a penniless adventurer, slowly recruiting and improving units to make a name for yourself in the fictional land of Calradia.

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[Deal Alert] Demolition Inc. THD On Sale For 75% Off, Or Just $0.99

If you've got a device powered by a Nvidia Tegra system-on-a-chip, a solid internet connection, and one US dollar, you're in for some fun. The price on physics-based puzzler Demolition Inc. has dropped from $3.99 to just $0.99. That's a heck of a deal.

In Demolition Inc., you take on the roll of Mike, the alien demolition truck driver. Some pesky human cities are in the way, and you've got a work order that says to knock them down. To accomplish your task you have access to various otherworldly weapons like giant wrecking balls, explosive cows, and earthquake bombs. The game takes full advantage of the Tegra chip in order to simulate the physics of the world in real time.

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[Review] Demolition Inc. THD Is A Game With Amazing Physics, But Doesn't Quite Deliver On The Chaos

There's not much of a story behind Demolition Inc. on Android. Mike the UFO demolition man, er - alien, has orders to take out one city after the next, and you get to control all the chaos. This game starts out very strong, with cars careening around the road and knocking over buildings. A strong opening can't carry a game all the way to the finish line, though. While Demolition Inc. has some some problems, there is a lot to like about it.


In each zone, you're presented with a number of buildings to take out. The game tracks how long you take to do so, but there is no hard time limit.

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Be Constantly Reminded Of What You Would Rather Be Doing With The Tegra-Exclusive Skyrim Live Wallpaper By Nvidia

Hey you! Take a break from dragon slaying for a moment and install this live wallpaper.

Nvidia has created this Skyrim live wallpaper, in case you somehow forget during the day you would rather be at home parked in front of your computer.


This picture isn't entirely accurate, when you get it on a real device, there's snowfall and rolling fog. Other than that, there isn't much to it. The foreground and background are on different layers, so they scroll at different speeds when you switch screens. It's simple, but nice looking, and it doesn't make the phone chug like some other live wallpapers.

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