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Google splits Family Link into separate apps for parents and children/teens [APK Download]

Google has split Family Link into two applications. Previously, the parental control service was offered in a single app which was installed on the devices of parents and children alike. The existing listing has now become Family Link for parents and a second app, Family Link for children and teens, has been introduced. After installing the latter on a child's device, parents can control it directly from their dedicated app.

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Amazon launches accounts for teenagers, with approval control for parents

If you've got teenage children I can imagine its difficult to get the right balance between allowing them the freedom to develop into responsible adults and watching their every move so they don't mess up. I don't have children myself but I was one once, so I guess I have some idea what it's like. Amazon knows this, too, and so it's launching a new feature that gives teenagers a bit more freedom when it comes to shopping. But not too much.

Amazon's new accounts for teens, specifically those between 13 and 17, give them independence to shop on their own, but with certain controls in place.

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Oink Comes To Android, Allows Parents To Manage Their Children's Allowances And Funds

Kids nowadays! They want their smartphones, their own Google accounts, and a way to purchase music and movies and books (well, hopefully) and magical coins for their new game because they can't try that stupid hard level again, they just want to skip it. If you're a parent, then you probably know the struggle between giving a child their financial independence to teach them how to manage their money, and keeping a close eye on their spendings to stop them from buying useless stuff or going over-budget.

Oink has been aiming to solve that issue by providing a middle ground: an app where parents can set their kids' allowance, check their funds, monitor their spendings, and freeze/unfreeze their accounts, and a debit card/wallet account that children can use to make their own online or in-store purchases and manage their money.

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Google+ App Updated To 3.1.1: Now You Can Join Hangouts On Air From Mobile, Other Less Cool Features Added Too

Google has released an update to its social network app on Android today that should please Hangout enthusiasts both young and old. For starters, now you can join Hangouts on Air via your mobile device (like the one we use to broadcast our weekly podcast every Thursday at 8pm EST hint hint). This is fantastic news as Hangouts on Air are among the most useful application of the already-awesome Hangouts feature. Unfortunately, until recently, you could only join via a desktop, but no more!

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Additionally, Google is now allowing teens to create and join Hangouts via mobile. Which, apparently, they could not do before.

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