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TED app gets full Material Design makeover and adds TED Radio Hour podcast episodes

The TED app on Android has looked roughly the same on Android since the day it was released in March of 2012. As a matter of fact, up until yesterday, it had barely received any major interface changes and, although it did its job well with offline support, subtitles, bookmarks, Cast support, and more, it still felt like an antiquated piece of software compared to all the modern apps gracing our phones nowadays.

But that changes today with the release of TED 3.0. The predominantly white and red colors are still there, but the red is now bolder and more prominent, the design has been refined for better use of space, modern iconography is used for every action, and there are floating Play buttons, separate cards for each video, a newer icon, and more.

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You Can Now Cast TED Talks To Your TV Following Latest Android App Update

If a smart sounding person has stepped onto a dimly lit stage and started to wax poetic about some seemingly lofty accomplishment or idea, you're probably in the midst of a TED talk. Don't panic. Stay calm, sit still, and listen. What you hear might just change the way you think.

Some people already thrive on a diet of regularly delivered mental floss, preferring to watch content that actually leaves them feeling better after binge watching a few clips. The latest version of the Android app will make this exercise easier to perform. Viewers can now cast talks to their TVs without having to search through YouTube thanks to new Chromecast support.

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Official TED App Available For Android, Streams Video And Audio Talks To Your Phone - Welcome To The Future

From climate change to mobile security, psychology to astronomy, TED talks cover some of the most important, interesting, and amazing topics from leaders of science and technology. TED is, in short, a collection of discussions from the height of human intelligence and thought. Now, more than 1200 TED talks are available on your phone or tablet. This is amazing.

ted1 ted2 ted3

The design of the app is clean and straightforward. It sticks pretty closely to Android's style guide and is therefore very good looking and, more importantly, familiar. The app is functional and gives the user plenty of ways to both discover new talks to listen to as well as find a specific talk.

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