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[Not much of a Deal Alert] eBay gives one-day-only coupon for 10% off tech — less than previous site-wide deals

eBay really, really wants to make sure you don't forget that it exists during Amazon's Prime Day hubbub. To that end, it's introducing a one-day-only promo code that will save you 10% off eligible items (up to a $100 maximum discount, minimum $50 purchase) classified in "tech" categories like computers or cell phones. If that sounds like a mediocre and overly-restrictive deal, well, that's because it is. eBay regularly runs far better 15-20% off promos for site-wide use.

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[New App] Riversip Technology News Comes To Market, Provides Quick, Easy News Updates On The Go

Looking to "help you catch up on technology news in minimal time and on your own schedule," Briox introduced Riversip to the Android Market recently. Riversip without a doubt provides a unique take on the "news reader" concept, automatically choosing news sources based on user-chosen topics, and showing only the top headlines, instead of clogging up your screen with every headline available.


Riversip also makes a point of its incredibly easy user experience, promising that "no setup or learning time [is] required." The app also allows users to see what other sources have reported on a given topic, providing a multitude of different angles for each headline.

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Scientists At Northwestern University Boost Lithium Ion Battery Performance Tenfold By Poking Millions Of Holes, Enabling 15 Minute Charge Times, Week-Long Life

From the day I picked up the original Evo 4G, I realized that battery technology was, no doubt, lagging behind the devices it powered. Looking to push batteries a bit closer to the impressive power of today's mobile technology, researchers at Northwestern University have significantly boosted the power of lithium-ion batteries by making a few key changes.

To achieve such impressive performance enhancements, the researchers essentially poked millions of holes in the battery's graphene layers using a chemical oxidation process. Additionally, tweaks were made to the material makeup of the batteries, including packing in more ions and speeding up their movement by replacing sheets of silicon with a different substance.

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USA Today Joins The Slate Club, Releases Tablet-Optimized Android App

CNN is not the only news organization with a tablet-optimized Honeycomb app - USA Today today (ooh, 2x "today"s in a row, it must be your lucky day) jumped on the same bandwagon with their own take on what a tablet news app should be like. News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech, Travel, Photos, and Weather sections are available, and... well, there is not much else to say about this - it's a news app on a larger screen. You can find the download links towards the bottom of the page.

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Press Release

MCLEAN, Va., Feb. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- USA TODAY, the nation's top-selling print newspaper, today announced the USA TODAY Android 3.0 App for Motorola Xoom is now available.

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