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Google releases new Daydream sensory demo, Audio Factory

A new app named Audio Factory for Daydream VR devices has just been released by Google. It appears to be a demonstration meant to show off their new spatial audio engine for future Daydream products. Perhaps we might have some more news about it at I/O, but for now, it's just a way to check out Google's latest audio VR tech in what looks to be a nifty way.

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Epic Games' Tegra K1 Tech Demo Shows The Ultimate One-On-One Showdown In Unreal Engine 4

Two men, each a hardened warrior, each with a single goal: survive. Their wills are iron, their bodies are steel, and their entire being is wrapped around the intensity of their deadly purpose. Only one will stand victorious at the bitter end, and each will give anything, and everything, to make sure that it's him.

You've got to give props to Epic Games: they know how to make a good tech demo. The game developer's demonstration of the Unreal 4 engine might not have the same technical brilliance as NVIDIA's Ira face or a room full of furniture on the latest Tegra K1 hardware, but it's much more entertaining.

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