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LG Shares More Details About Its G4-Bound UX 4.0 In Another Teaser Video

There aren't lots of secrets left regarding LG's upcoming flagship phone prior to its unveiling next week on April 28. The company itself has been busy pre-announcing the G4's 16MP f/1.8 camera sensor, leather back, and UX 4.0, before letting the cat out of the bag almost entirely (or inadvertently?). Now a second part of the UX 4.0 teaser reveals more details about the updated software layer that will ship on the phone.

This part 2 explains two features that were hinted at in the first video, namely Ringtone ID and Quick Shot.

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[Update: Leather Back Image] LG Posts Official G4 Teaser Trailer Highlighting F1.8 Camera, Confirms Phone Will Be Unveiled April 28th

We more or less knew that LG's April 28th event was going to be for the G4, but now the Korean OEM has come out and said it. The G4 will be revealed in just a few short weeks, but that's almost all we know.

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[Update: English Version] LG's New UX 4.0 Teaser Video Contains Several UX Demos, Lots Of Stock Photography

LG's Android UI started off as a bad copy of TouchWiz back in the Gingerbread days, but more recently it's evolved into its own thing. That thing is not always good, but it's not horrendous either. LG has just posted a video preview of the LG UX 4.0, which will probably be used on the G4, and you can suffer through it watch it below.

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Motorola Solutions (Not Mobility) Set To Unveil A Rugged Android Device For Business On October 21st

When we talk about Motorola, we usually mean Motorola Mobility. That's the company that makes phones, while Motorola Solutions is a telecom and equipment maker. They were both spun off from the classic Motorola Inc., but now we have reason to talk about Motorola Solutions. This entity will be announcing an Android device on October 21st. Neat.

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HTC Teases 'Something Remarkable' For Its NYC Event On October 8th, 'RE Camera' Looks Like A Possible Name [Update: Photos]

Update: A curious Reddit poster tore through the promotional website and found what looks like two photos of the "ReCamera" and a mounting accessory. They seem pretty barebones, but they might be our first solid look at the device. Of course, at this point nothing is confirmed. Thanks to Jeremy (@jersteck) for the tip.




Bloomberg is convinced that HTC's New York City event next month will be host to a new GoPro-style action camera.

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LG Teases Another Image Of The G Watch R, Looks Remarkably Watch-Like

LG wants to make sure you know that it's announcing a new watch at IFA in Berlin. In addition to the movie trailer-style teaser released on Sunday, the image below showed up on the official LG Mobile Facebook page late last night. It's undeniably the G Watch R, which sports a "completely round" screen, in contrast with some watches that are taking their sweet time to come to the retail market.

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Tired Of Waiting For The Moto 360? So Is LG: They Just Teased A Round "G Watch R" For IFA

Ever since the reveal of Android Wear, we've been waiting for that awesome-looking Moto 360 watch with the circular screen. And waiting. And waiting. Though it looks like the release or at least the announcement might finally come next month, LG isn't missing the opportunity to get people excited for their second Android Wear device after the G Watch. Behold, LG's 30-second teaser for a watch announcement at the IFA show, which starts in Berlin in just under two weeks.

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Sony Teases The Next Big Thing, Which May Or May Not Be A Six-Foot Smartphone

Update: If you were hoping for the Z2 Ultra, keep hoping. This is the Xperia T3.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "the next big thing" that Sony is teasing in this coy blog post is not a pretty lady in a red dress. While those are always appreciated, they've been around for a while. No, that oh-so-subtle headline probably has more to do with the device hanging out in the foreground.

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LG Teases The Upcoming G3 On Video, Can't Resist Adding Inception BWAAAAAs

I'll wager that you haven't been to an action movie in the last two years without a trailer blaring great farting blasts of brass at you over quick cuts and helicopter shots. If it works for Hollywood, perhaps LG hopes it will work for Seoul. The company is teasing its upcoming G3 flagship in no uncertain way with a new teaser, no doubt intended to whet the appetites of gadget hounds before the press event on May 27th.

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Samsung's Unpacked Teaser Trailer All But Confirms The Galaxy S5 At MWC

Samsung is no stranger to teasers, but with Mobile World Congress just days away, the excitement surrounding the Galaxy S5 is reaching fanboy-ish proportions. It's a perfect time to drop a teaser video that throws around the number 5 to get everyone all amped up, and that's what Samsung just did.

The trailer has a lot of verbs and nouns raised to the 5th power, which I suppose is how Samsung has decided to indicate this is about the Galaxy S5 without actually saying it.

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