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HTC will announce its flagship 'U' on May 16th, complete with squeezable frame

HTC has lost its way, and we all hoped the HTC 10 would see it back on the path to prosperity. That didn't work out, and this year's U Ultra wasn't a good enough phone to lead HTC anyplace it wants to go. That leaves this leaky new flagship phone, previously known only as the HTC Ocean. Now it's being teased as (probably) the HTC U. It doesn't have the ticker display of the U Ultra, but the U has a trick of its own—it's a more huggable smartphone.

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Samsung will be taking the wraps off the Galaxy S8 on March 29th in NYC

Mobile World Congress 2017 has only just started, but Samsung's already looking forward to bigger things. A teaser image that was sent out has revealed that a Galaxy device (pretty clearly the Galaxy S8) will be "unboxed" at 11am EST on March 29th, 2017 at Samsung's Unpacked event in New York City.

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TCL shows off new unnamed BlackBerry phone, will reveal details at MWC

It's no secret that BlackBerry hasn't been doing well in recent years, with the company eventually deciding to outsource hardware development to partners. The DTEK50 was the first BlackBerry-branded TCL device, but was simply a rebranded Acatel Idol 4. Steve Cistulli, President and GM of TCL in North America, posted a teaser on his Twitter account of an upcoming TCL-made BlackBerry phone.

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Pebble Teases Something Big On May 24th, Probably A New Watch

Pebble's fortunes have soured somewhat as more powerful wearable devices have hit the market, but now it's teasing a big announcement. On May 24th (tomorrow) at 10AM EDT, we'll get the details. What ever could it be? Since we're talking about Pebble, it could really only be a new version of the watch.

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LG Announces A Fancy Touch-Enabled Cover For The G5 Before The Phone Itself

LG is really excited about the G5. So excited, in fact, that they just can't wait until Mobile World Congress later this month. To tide themselves over for the next few weeks, the PR folks have officially announced a cover for the LG G5 with a familiar see-through window and the capability to perform some basic functions with a touch-sensitive material. Most of the "Quick Cover" is translucent, allowing things like the phone answer or decline slider to be seen even when it's closed. This is presumably integrated with the always-on display that was previously teased. The design is similar to HTC's Dot View design, though the dots that make up the translucent cover seem much finer.

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LG Sends Invites To MWC 2016 Press Conference With Mysterious "Play Begins" Teaser, Most Likely For The G5

LG is ready to play and is inviting everyone to come play with it. That's all we can glean from the event teaser and invite that was just sent to press members for LG's MWC 2016 event. The conference will take place on Feb 21 at 14:00 and will likely see the announcement of the LG G5. The rumors have been accelerating regarding LG's next flagship and MWC would be a nice venue for it to make its grand debut.

It might seem soon to you, but LG has been pushing forward its G series announcement year after year, starting with the G2 in August 2013, G3 in May 2014, and the G4 in April 2015.

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LG's Teaser For The Dual-Screen V10 Smartphone Shows The World's Worst Bangs

Look, I'm not what you would call a stylish person. I think I can say with some confidence that most work-from-home tech bloggers fall into the same category (though Liam is one dapper dude). But I know a dumb-looking haircut when I see one, and the poor woman in LG's latest teaser video would be entirely justified in assaulting her high-priced stylist with a designer curling iron.

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Motorola Teases A "Better Mobile Relationship" With July 28th Livestream

Motorola has something to announce later this month, and it's teasing it in a bizarre fashion. According to the Moto blog, "a better mobile relationship is headed your way." Whatever romantic entanglement Motorola has planned, we'll find out on July 28th.


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[Update: More Details And Video] CyanogenMod Team Teases Gello, A New Chromium-Based Browser With Tons Of Customizations

There is no shortage of third-party browsers available on Android. While most of us use Chrome, there are plenty of worthy alternatives and valid reasons to choose them. The CyanogenMod team (notably distinct from, but connected to, the Cyanogen Inc. company) is throwing its hat into this crowded ring. The new project is called Gello, it's based on Chromium's open-source code... and that's about all we know for sure at this point.

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Samsung Teases Upcoming Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 Edge [Update: Tweet Deleted]

Samsung is quite chummy with Marvel lately, and that apparently goes beyond cases and (very ugly) TouchWiz themes. The Samsung Electronics Twitter account has just posted a little teaser for an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge. That could either be really cool or really gaudy.

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