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The best remote desktop tools for Android

Have you ever needed to grab a file from your computer, but you're away from home? Maybe you want to play simple PC games on your phone, or use Windows-only software on your Chromebook. Whatever you want to do, remote desktop applications allow you to connect to your computer from a phone, a tablet, or another computer.

Here, we'll go over the best options for remotely connecting to a computer from an Android device, or a Chromebook with support for Android applications.

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TeamViewer now supports Android TV for remote viewing, file transfer, and more

TeamViewer has been on Android for years, but the feature set varies from one device to the next. Some device makers have add-ons that allow full remote control, but you're usually stuck with a more limited experience. The app can still be useful, though. TeamViewer just added support for Android TV, and even without full remote control, TeamViewer adds some handy features to your TV box.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport can now remotely control Blackberry devices


TeamViewer 13 adds support for connecting to iOS devices and an improved UI

TeamViewer, the popular remote desktop solution, has recently pushed a set of updates to its service. The new v13, which appears to be in a semi-beta state depending on your platform, arrives almost a year to the date after v12 and adds enhanced multi-platform support for streaming from iOS devices, as well as a change in UI to provide a more consistent interface across platforms, and GPU hardware acceleration. 

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TeamViewer QuickSupport adds support for some Motorola devices


TeamViewer 12 adds mobile-to-mobile remote control, faster performance

Although not as fast as RDP or Chrome Remote Desktop (at least in my experience), TeamViewer is one of the easiest ways to remotely control a computer. Today TeamViewer launched the TeamViewer 12 beta, finally offering remote-to-remote control on select Android devices.

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TeamViewer Updated With Wake-On-LAN, SD Card Access, And More

So you need to access your PC, but you aren't nearby? TeamViewer might be helpful, assuming you had the foresight to install it on your computer. If not, sucks for you because TeamViewer just got an update with several handy new features.

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TeamViewer Splits Samsung Support Off Into Two New Apps

Samsung was the first OEM to get native TeamViewer remote control support. The necessary support for Samsung devices had been included with the TeamViewer app ever since, but things are a little different following the latest update. There are now two new apps for Samsung phones, a host and a standard quick support app.

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TeamViewer 11 Is Out Of Beta And Live In The Play Store With Unattended Support, Clickable Web Links, And More

TeamViewer started beta testing a big update to its Android app (and other apps) recently, and now it's final. TeamViewer 11 is out of beta with a plethora of features that will make it less awful when someone on the other side of the country needs help with their phone. It'll still be kind of awful, but you won't want to murder the other party (probably).

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TeamViewer 11 Beta Can Access Unattended Android Devices, Run From A Chromebook, And More

Picture this: Someone you know needs help with their Android device. Crazy, I know, but bear with me here. They need help, and no one else can do the job but you.

You could try guiding them over the phone, but doctors have confirmed this as hazardous to your mental health. A better approach would be to send them a link to the TeamViewer app and remote into the device yourself. Thing is, you're using a Chromebook. Yeah, your friends gave you crap when you bought it, but those things have gotten pretty good these days.

Fortunately you're not out of luck.

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