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Zoho Cliq is the fun, easy, and feature-packed way for teams to chat and collaborate [Sponsored Post]


Teams have to communicate and for many situations, email isn't cutting it. Real time chat is how many of the most effective groups collaborate, but the right software can make a huge difference. This is where Zoho Cliq comes in with its user-friendly interface, laundry list of features, and numerous integrations.

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Microsoft Teams is now generally available to Office 365 users worldwide

Microsoft has announced a global, general availability for its Slack competitor, Teams. The internal chat service released in a preview form back in November for Enterprise/Business customers. It is deeply integrated with Office 365, which is perfect for organizations mired in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Microsoft Teams, the company's Slack competitor, is now in preview

For companies neck-deep in the Microsoft ecosystem, Slack may not be the best option. To help solve this issue for its Office 365 customers, or perhaps simply to cash in on Slack's popularity, Microsoft has released their new Teams application. Now available in preview for Office 365 Enterprise/Business customers, Teams is tightly integrated with your favorite Microsoft services.

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Dropbox Announces New Team Feature For Easier Collaboration

Dropbox doesn't just make syncing and backing up files easier done than said, it serves as a great way to collaborate on projects too. But managing shared folders and permissions isn't as simple as dragging files into a folder and watching them fly off into the sky (that's how the cloud metaphor works, right?). To address this, Dropbox has unveiled a new feature to simplify life for teams.

A new Teams folder lets everyone store files in a single place. The content here is automatically accessible to every member, making it easier to exchange files.

Dropbox has included the option to divide teams into groups, speeding up the process of sharing files with specific people.

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