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[Update: It's Back] Google Removes Another App From The Play Store For Dodgy Reasons, This Time It's Tasker

This isn't the first time we've reported about Google's deplorable policies for removing apps from the Play Store. One day you're the developer of an extremely popular app, distributing it to thousands of users, the next it's poof gone with no warning, no explanation, and no way to easily communicate with the team to understand what has gone wrong.

The latest victim is the famous and ridiculously powerful Tasker app. Tasker has been available on Android since time immemorial and has made many a user extremely happy with its extensive featureset. Want to turn on the popcorn machine when you yell "movie time!"

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AutoRemote Voice Control App Adds Integration With IFTTT In Version 3.0.43

If you want to do absolutely everything from the "OK Google" voice prompt in Android... well, you can't. You can't, say, fire a rocket at the moon, or end world hunger, or have a dachshund puppy delivered to your doorstep. But developer João Dias is trying his darnedest to make all of that happen, and with the latest update to his AutoRemote app, it's getting closer and closer. You might even be able to make that rocket thing happen if you know someone at NASA.

Version 3.0.43 adds integration with the popular If This, Then That (IFTTT) web automation service, and by extension, all of the various web services and automated gadgets that IFTTT connects to.

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Tasker Updated To v4.7 With Cloud App Backup Support, Task Testing, And More

Automating your Android device can be done in various ways, but at some point something is going to plug into Tasker. It's just an unavoidable outcome of the process. This one app has roughly a zillion triggers and settings, and it's getting even more today with the v4.7 update. Seriously, the changelog is about 100 items long.

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AutoWear For Android Wear Brings The Power Of Tasker To Your Watch

Ever wish your Android Wear device did more things? If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can make almost anything happen with AutoWear. It's the latest Tasker plug-in from joaomgcd, maker of popular Tasker projects like AutoRemote and AutoVoice. I hope he makes an Android Auto plugin called AutoAuto.

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Push Tasker Is A Straightforwardly-Named Plugin That Expands On What Pushbullet And Tasker Can Do Together

Push Tasker is an extension that takes two of the most Android-y apps out there and teaches them how to build a better relationship. The first half of the name refers to Pushbullet, a particularly stellar way to get stuff from one device to another. The second half deals with Tasker, the tool of choice for Android users who want to automate all the things. The two already know how to interact with one another, but this plugin turns things up a notch.

With Push Tasker, you can have Tasker send notes, links, and lists automatically. It can also intercept notifications (root-only) or reply on its own. Like

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Secure Settings 1.3.5 Brings Android Lollipop Fixes, Wi-Fi Toggle, Xposed Pattern Lock, And More

Secure Settings is a complex Tasker/Locale plugin for rooted and non-rooted security conscious users alike. Version 1.3.5 of the app has gone stable, bringing with it a beefy changelog that should help the software play nicely with modern devices and give older handsets new perks as well.

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AutoInput By joaomgcd Is A Tasker Plugin For Automating All Of Your Taps, Swipes, Text Entries, And More

We often talk about the power of Android, from custom ROMs to modding and personalization, but it still baffles me when I come across an app that opens a world of possibilities like AutoInput and see that it doesn't even require root for most of its functionality. Built as a Tasker plugin, AutoInput comes to us courtesy of joaomgcd, the same guy who brought us AutoCast and AutoVoice. It allows you to create a series of input actions, including physical button presses and various taps and swipes, to emulate some sort of macro sequence that can be executed inside any app of your choosing.

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Tasker Update Adds Support For Google Maps API v2, Brings A Number Of Location-Based Enhancements

Tasker is quite possibly the most exciting, boring-looking app in existence. A new user stumbling across its Play Store page is sure to walk away scratching their heads, but it only takes reading a few blog posts to realize that there's more to this piece of software than the screenshots would suggest. Out of the box, it's capable of giving users more control over their Android devices than any single other app, but there are no shortage of plugins out there that still manage to crank things up to the next level.

The latest update, version 4.5, puts a clear focus on handling locations.

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Developer Joaomgcd Introduces An Optional AutoApps Subscription Providing Access To All Of His Tasker Plugins For $1.35 A Month

Developer joaomgcd has produced no shortage of Tasker plugins. Okay, that's an understatement. He's produced over twenty of them that integrate seemingly anything and everything with Tasker, giving Android users the capability to automate or control just about whatever they want. Want to switch the lights on using a Pebble smartwatch? Want to trigger more of your phone's functions using your voice? You get the idea.

Well now joaomgcd has decided to try something new. He's introducing an optional monthly subscription that provides users with access to all of his plugins, and it's joined by a new AutoApps app that serves as a central hub for the whole shebang.

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Tockle Is Essentially Tasker With Android Wear Support, And It's Now Out Of Beta

Maybe you've seen those wacky videos of people controlling things with voice actions on Android Wear. We've posted a few of them, and Tockle is one of the pieces that makes it possible. This app has been in beta for a few weeks now, but today is the v1.0 release. You should be able to grab the stable release from the Play Store right now.

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