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Tasker beta program now available on Play Store


Tasker now owned by joaomgcd, developer of Join and AutoApps

For years, Tasker has been one of the best power-user apps available for Android, with the ability to automate (or create shortcuts for) a vast number of actions. Dozens of third-party plugins are also available for Tasker, further expanding its functionality. But after eight years of development, Crafty Apps EU has now transferred ownership of the application to joaomgcd, a major Android developer known for Join and AutoApps.

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Tasker can hide Android Oreo's 'App is running in the background' notifications, root not required

One of Android Oreo's many new features is a persistent notification for each app that runs in the background. While this is certainly helpful for the average person, it can get old quick for power users that frequently run applications like Tasker and LastPass. If the messages really get on your nerves, you can now use Tasker and the Notification Listener plugin to hide them.

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[Deal Alert] Tasker is currently on sale for just $0.99, saving you $2

Tasker is one of the most popular apps out there for modders and tinkerers, and it recently got a big makeover. The version 5 update included a major visual overhaul, bringing it in line with the material design we see in most modern Android apps. If you've been looking to try Tasker out but have been put off by the price tag, now's the time to give it a go. It's down to 99 cents on the Play Store (89 pence in the UK), which is frankly a steal for such a feature-rich app.

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AutoTools 2.0 is now available, featuring web screens, HTML read, and more

Late last year we saw the introduction of a useful little app called AutoTools, dubbed 'Tasker Plus" by its developer, Joaomgcd. The AutoTools plugin adds to Tasker's already large feature set, with the ability to change certain system settings and control different toggles. João has been busy working on an upgrade, and now version 2.0 is upon us, which includes web screens, a navigation drawer, and HTML reading capabilities.

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Tasker v5.0 is rolling out with a UI refresh and a ton of new features

Tasker is a massively popular app with those who want to mod and tweak their Android devices to the extreme. This automation app has looked dated lately, but the new version fixes that. This v5.0 update hit beta testing last month, and now it's rolling out in the Play Store for everyone to enjoy.

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Tasker beta v5 brings a fresh Material Design look and a huge list of other changes

Tasker has been around for a long time. It's always been defined as an app that prioritizes function over form (which has often led to a fugly, but highly effective design) — oh, and there's the steep learning curve that often turns away the inexperienced. Tasker has been stuck in the Holo era well into the Material Design age, but the latest beta v5.0b1 brings a fresh new look.

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AutoVoice 3.0 adds Google Home, Amazon Echo integration and natural language commands to Tasker

Fellow long time Tasker users will be familiar with João Dias and his awesome AutoApps plugins. One of his most popular, and the one that I use the most, is AutoVoice. Basically, the plugin listens to and hijacks Google Now commands to trigger Tasker profiles — I had a simple one that would turn on my PC via Wake On LAN when I said "Okay, Google. Turn on my computer." Now v3.0 has been officially released and brings some awesome Home, Echo, and IFTTT integrations as well as natural language commands.

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Joaomgcd's new app AutoTools extends Tasker functionality, is basically Tasker Plus

You can do a lot of stuff with Tasker - the possibilities are almost endless. Because they were almost endless, developer joaomgcd has gone and filled in the gaps, creating AutoTools, a new Tasker plugin. Joao calls this 'Tasker Plus,' namely because it can do everything Tasker cannot do.

Instead of being a new app, AutoTools hooks into Tasker and extends it, giving the latter new functionality. This is hugely powerful: you can, for example, set dialogs to appear for a reason of your choosing, or change the animation speed with a quick settings tile. OCR - optical image recognition - is also possible here, meaning you can take a picture and have AutoTools automatically add the text in said picture to Google Keep, or Evernote.

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AutoShare 2.0 integrates text from any application with Tasker

Tasker is one of the most useful power tools on Android, allowing you to automate your device to do practically anything. Tasker plugins, like AutoShare, only seek to make Tasker even more feature-filled. If you have never used AutoShare, it allows you to send data to a Tasker tasks via Android's share menu.

For example, you can create a task called 'Add as wallpaper' that appears as an application in the Share menu, and when you share an image to that application, it inserts all available data into your Tasker task. That alone is extremely useful, but the 2.0 update adds a new feature called Text Processors.

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