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Taptu News Reader Service Shutting Down, Developers Recommend Feedly As A Replacement

Do you use Taptu to read news and entertainment stories? Statistically speaking, the answer is no - we haven't even written a single story on the aggregator in over four years. Taptu is, or more accurately was, a sort of curated platform that pulled news and other stories from both a user's own social networks and a series of pre-made topical feeds. According to messages being sent to users of the app, the entire service will shut down tomorrow, March 31st.

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[Review] My Taptu: Social Media + News + Eye Candy = Success

If you, like me, are constantly checking what's going on in the world of technology, science, world news, entertainment, gaming, music, and a million other things - on top of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, have I got an app for you. Picture, if you will, an Android app that will aggregate all of these news feeds and your social media streams into a cohesive and, quite frankly, sexy interface.

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