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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win an on-hand Tap Strap customizable keyboard

The Tap Strap is a unique solution to working on the go and avoiding problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It's a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that allows you type on almost any surface and angle, and we've partnered with Tap to give away three of them!

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Pixel Buds configurable double-tap touch controls are actually, finally here

Back in March, we mistakenly reported that the Pixel Buds had received an update which enabled the double-tap gesture for track advancement. Turns out, that was just a bug. But according to a blog post just pushed by Google, the feature is actually rolling out today as part of an update that delivers a whole pile of new touch-based controls, including triple-tap for on/off,

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Tap is down to $79.99 ($50 off) for today only

The Amazon Tap has always been a solid option for a portable Bluetooth speaker, especially since it has all the functionality of the Echo and Echo Dot. The speaker has occasionally dropped in price since it was released, but this is the lowest it's been yet - $79.99. That's a whopping $50 off the MSRP.

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Feedly For Android Beta Adds A Speedy Tap Advance Function, Gets Rid Of Annoying Back Button Issue

Feedly has become the new darling of the RSS world after Google threw itself out of the market last year, but there are still plenty of users (including yours truly) who aren't crazy about the Feedly app itself. Hopefully the changes shown off in the newest beta release will change that. You can check out the beta via the usual Google+ community method: join this community on Google+, then head to this page in the Play Store.

2014-01-07 12.27.48 2014-01-07 12.37.07 2014-01-07 12.37.15

The biggest user-facing change is "speed reading," which is a bit of a misnomer - it's basically a forward/back function. Tap on the left or right side of an article near the edge of the screen and you'll automatically move to the next or last item in the RSS feed.

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Swype Updated To Version 1.6.5 With 'Significant' Speed Improvements For Tap Typing, Fixed KitKat Compatibility, And More

Swype pioneered the use of gestures to enter words into our mobile devices, a feature that competitors have since picked up, including the keyboard that now ships pre-installed on Google's Nexus devices. Yet while Swype remains a champ at forming words out of our illegible squiggles, it hasn't been the fastest option for manually typing out words the old fashioned way. Now the app has received an update that the team promises significantly improves tap input. They've also addressed performance issues when typing out lengthy text entries and moving the cursor around to erase more specific parts of a sentence.


These enhancements are joined by additional bug fixes that will affect more specific users.

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Meet KegDroid: An Android/Arduino-Powered Keg In The Shape Of Our Favorite Robot: Your Argument Is Invalid

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she must decide what to do with the time they've been given on earth. Will it be used to benefit mankind, or to destroy it? Will it be to help or to harm? In Google engineer Paul Carff's case, he went for both. Thus, KegDroid was born. This gorgeous Android statue, with beer taps for hands, dispenses home brew at the touch of a screen.

The keg comes complete with flow control, so you can select what size drink you want and the bot will pour it automatically. It uses NFC tags to ensure that only approved users can get at your precious booze supply.

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PayPal Hopes To One-Up Google Wallet, Offers Smartphone-To-Smartphone Transfers Using NFC

It's been a while since the Nexus S hit the Android scene, bringing two noteworthy new features with it: Gingerbread and NFC. While the former has seen relatively wide adoption, the latter hasn't gotten much action as of yet - the closest we've come to witnessing a useful example of the technology is Google Wallet, and we have yet to find out when that will be available for public consumption.

But it appears El Goog will be far from alone in its NFC ventures, as PayPal today unveiled an NFC-enabled Android widget which will allow Nexus S users to exchange payments by simply tapping their phones together.

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