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Android Pay in Spain adds support for American Express and one Edenred card

Android Pay launched in Spain two months ago, and today Google has updated the Pay support site to indicate the addition of two new card issuers: American Express and Edenred.

American Express cards that are supported include the Active Consumer, Business, and Corporate cards. The one Edenred card that is supported is the Ticket Restaurant Card, so maybe that's popular in Spain? I'm really not sure, but all other Edenred cards remain unsupported for now. But Amex support is probably welcome news for a significant number of people.

American Express also announced it on their website, here. This is in addition to the already large number of BBVA cards supported by Android Pay in the country that were part of the service's launch there.

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Android Pay v1.3 To Allow Use Of Loyalty And Gift Cards Without Unlocking [APK Teardown]

The idea of contactless payments has turned out to be an unusually divisive topic. Some people are certain that we're only a couple of years away from abandoning physical credit cards in favor of using smartphones at the checkout line, while others see it as an obnoxious novelty that slows down everything and should be ignored. Whatever the case, it's interesting to watch the progress of mobile payment methods as they grow and evolve in an effort to capture consumer interest. The latest update to Android Pay v1.3 doesn't appear to bring any immediately available new features, but a teardown reveals that we will soon have the option to use certain types of cards without unlocking our phones.

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[Deal Alert] Use Android Pay To Tap And Pay With A Nexus Before 12/31 And Get A $20 Best Buy Gift Card

This one's easy: if you use Android Pay on a Nexus device before December 31st, 2015, Google will add a $20 Best Buy e-gift card to your Android Pay... digital repository of cards. (Side note: what are we supposed to call the collection of cards and gift cards and loyalty stuff in Android Pay if not a wallet? This is awkward.) There is a limited supply of these gift cards, however, so the promo may end before 12/31 if people really get on this (I certainly will be taking advantage ASAP).

The nitty-gritty details aren't very rigorous, but here's what you need to know.

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Google: Unsupported Cards Already In Your Google Wallet Can Come To Android Pay, But Only For A Limited Time

Because there's been such tremendous confusion about what cards Android Pay does and does not support, we decided to reach out to Google for some clarification. Basically, we were wondering if cards you have in Google Wallet with tap-and-pay that are not supported in Android Pay will still work once Android Pay arrives. The answer is: yes. But, there are caveats. Let's break this down as a Q&A.

  • If I have cards in my Google Wallet that aren't on the supported card list for Android Pay, can I keep using tap-and-pay for those cards on Android Pay? Yes.

To do this, you will need to open Android Pay and add these cards, then accept the Bancorp virtual card agreement.

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Google Play Services v8.1 Begins Rolling Out To Prepare For Android Pay, Changes Variant Naming Scheme For Lollipop Devices, And More [APK Teardown + Download]

Android Pay has been a hot topic in the last weeks after a series of memos and promotional materials turned up with the supposed August 26th launch date. As it turns out, Google hadn't yet distributed the necessary software to enable Android Pay for use on phones. That changes with version 8.1 of the Play services apk, which began rolling out Friday afternoon. A look around inside of the app also suggests there has been a bit more progress on the long-anticipated Kid Accounts. As of this release, there is also an important change to the convention Google uses for identifying Play services apk variants for different devices.

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[Rumor: Fries With That] Internal Notice At McDonald's Claims Android Pay Is Launching August 26th, So Maybe It Is

Android Pay was announced at Google I/O around 3 months ago, and Google has since said we can expect the platform to launch here in the US sometime "later this year." It appears "later" could now be "like, next week," if this notice to employees at a McDonald's location is to be believed.


The August 21st launch for Samsung Pay is wrong, but it's the launch date for the devices (Note and S6 Edge+) - which seems like an honest mistake.

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Ars Technica: Google Is Preparing To Launch Android Pay, An API For Seamless Tap-And-Pay Transactions

Google has had a fairly rough time convincing consumers to use Wallet for in-store purchases. However, with the recent acquisition of Softcard's "technology" alongside plans to preload Wallet on Android phones from most major US carriers, Google is putting its weight behind a renewed effort to be a major player at brick-and-mortar locations. Amidst rumors that Google still has something else to announce at I/O, Ars Technica received a tip that a brand new payment platform called Android Pay will be announced at the conference.

According to the source, Android Pay is specifically geared for mobile devices and allows 3rd-party apps to drive both virtual and real-world purchases through a single interface.

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Google Wallet Tap And Pay Functionality Will Not Be Supported On Devices Running Android 4.3 Or Older After April 14th

Google has updated its support pages and started sending out emails to alert users of Google Wallet to an upcoming change in the way NFC payments work. As of April 14th, tap and pay will require KitKat or higher. Older devices will no longer be supported after that date.


The reason for the change is Google's desire to only use Host Card Emulation (HCE) to make NFC payments work. That feature was introduced in Android 4.4, so it's the end of the line for Jelly Bean and earlier devices. However, this doesn't have any effect on devices that already lack compatibility for HCE like the Galaxy Note 3.

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PSA: Google Wallet 'Tap And Pay' Functionality Appears To Be Working On Most KitKat Updates For Devices On Isis Carriers

As Android 4.4/KitKat updates begin rolling out to devices on all the major US carriers, one frequently asked question has to do with whether or not these devices will include Android's new "Tap and Pay" feature. This was one of the major additions in KitKat and allows almost any device with an NFC chip to be used for "tap and go" mobile payments, even if said chip doesn't have a built-in secure element. This means that Google Wallet's tap and pay feature, which has historically been disabled on most Android devices save for carrier-independent Nexus/GPE devices, and select Sprint phones, will now work just fine regardless of device or carrier.

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