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Tip: Tap and hold on images in Google Photos to see associated motion clips

Google Photos users are probably familiar with the app's many hidden gestures. You can pinch two fingers together in the main library to see smaller and more numerous thumbnails, or expand those fingers to enlarge the thumbnails. When viewing a photo, pinching or swiping down will minimize it and return you to the previous screen, while swiping up will reveal its info. Artem recently discovered a Motion Photo-related gesture, and despite it being quite old, we'd never seen it mentioned before and didn't know about it, so here it is.

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Chrome now consistently selects the entire URL when you long press on it

Chrome has at least 5 different ways for you to copy the URL of a page you are visiting. One of the most evident, though, has always been very inconsistent: long press. For a long time, tapping and holding on the address bar would sometimes select the entire URL and sometimes just randomly select part of the URL where you tapped. However, that is no longer the case.

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