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Talon for Twitter open-sourced by Klinker Apps

Talon is my favorite Twitter client, since it offers many more features than the official app all while looking prettier — it also helps that I happen to like the developer, Luke Klinker, and his work. But earlier today, he announced that he had open sourced one of the most popular Twitter clients, just like he did with the previous version a few years ago.

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Start the weekend with 29 temporarily free and 38 on-sale apps, including Baldur's Gate

As the first full week of March comes to a close, I have returned for the final round of app sales. Today's list is rather extensive for a Friday, in contrast to Wednesday's disappointment, so have some fun. There are definitely some goodies below, especially Baldur's Gate and Talon for Twitter.

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Comparing the best Twitter clients for Android (2017 edition)

For the longest time, the Twitter Android app just wasn't very good. Sure it was functional, but it was clear that Twitter was focusing more on its iOS client. Third-party clients were, for that time period, the absolute best way to use Twitter on Android devices. Even though the official app has improved drastically over the past year or so, especially with the Material makeover, there are still plenty of excellent alternative clients.

Many Twitter clients have been abandoned after hitting the API token limit, and since it can be hard to keep track of which apps are still in active development, I figure a comparison might be a good idea.

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'Messenger' by Luke Klinker is an SMS app that syncs across all your devices and the web

Text messaging applications are a dime a dozen. Luke Klinker, the developer behind Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS, is working on another SMS app. Simply entitled 'Messenger' while in testing (the final release will have another name), this app allows you to use SMS on your phone, tablet, Android TV, through a web app, and even with a Chrome extension. As far as device compatibility goes, this is pretty impressive.

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Talon For Twitter 3.1 Adds Marshmallow Compatibility, Revamps Android Wear App, And More

It's that time of the year again, when a new Android version spawns an avalanche of third-party app updates from developers rushing to add compatibility and new features to their software. Today we're talking about Talon for Twitter, the beautiful Material designed Twitter client. Its version 3.1 update has been released with Marshmallow compatibility, a new Android Wear app, and a few other useful additions.

First, the app is now compatible with Marshmallow-running devices, so all of you with Preview 3 on your Nexus devices can start using it again, and it also includes M's new app permissions.

talon-31-1 talon-31-3 talon-31-2

Second, the Android Wear component has been revamped. You can now check unread tweets from your wrist, and then retweet, favorite, or reply to them (via voice).

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Talon For Twitter Update Adds The New Embedded Retweet Feature Before The Official App

Twitter has been giving Android users the cold shoulder repeatedly over the last few weeks: first with the new Periscope app, then with improved Vine video quality, and finally with the new embedded retweet format. All three came to iOS first and are only "coming soon" to Android. Developer Jacob Klinker ain't havin' none of that: the new retweet format is now active in the popular Talon for Twitter client, well before the feature has been rolled out to the official Twitter app.

The old retweet formula re-broadcasted an entire tweet into your timeline with the little retweet badge.

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