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My Talking Tom squeaks and tickles its way to over 500 million downloads on the Play Store

We love to bring you the news that matter here at Android Police. We're all about the life-altering changes and the rapid technology advances, we're at the forefront of all the leaks, bugs, minor and major improvements, and we strive to keep you informed of all the crucial news. And this Monday, we're starting with one such critical piece of information: My Talking Tom has reached 500 million downloads on the Play Store.

Eye roll.

Another eye roll.

Multiple other eye rolls.

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Outfit7, The Maker Of Talking Tom And Friends, Launches Real-Life Talking Toys That Can Be Controlled With An App

Just when you thought Talking Tom couldn't get any more annoying, he comes to life. Well, sort of. He's not really alive, but he's real. Err, he's a physical thing... not just an app anymore. The company behind Talking Tom and Friends, Outfit7, has now released a line of Talking Friends "Superstars" that can be controlled by an app. I still can't believe this is a real thing.

There are currently toys available of Tom, Angela, and Ginger - each of which can be controlled by this app. The app is, of course, free, but the annoying Talking Friends Superstars will set you back $50 a piece.

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