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Takeout update makes exporting your own Google Photos albums easier

Google is home to a lot of our data, especially when it comes to all the memories stored in Google Photos. Luckily, they're not stuck there, and the company enables users to transfer photos directly to Flickr or OneDrive, or export and download them for local backups. Now the Takeout tool has been updated to let users export only specific Google Photos albums.

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Google Maps makes it easier to find takeout and delivery food with everything shut down

Lots of our local businesses may be closed, and we may be trapped at home due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't still order a bit of takeout or delivery from a nearby restaurant. Whether you're just trying to keep your local joints in business or you're working twice as hard and don't have time to cook, Google Maps has adapted to the changing times. The app now promotes filters for both takeout and delivery food. It also highlights those two details as labels beneath restaurants in the maps overview and in search results.

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Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft unite: Data Transfer Project promises portability between services

Many of our readers should be familiar with Takeout, ostensibly now called "Download your Data," which allows you to back up a copy of all the information associated with your account for most of Google's services. Right now you can even use it to transition your Drive storage between providers, but thanks to the upcoming open-source Data Transfer Project—publicized yesterday in a joint effort with Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook—that data may someday be as portable as your phone. 

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GrubHub And Seamless Merge In Hopes Of Expanding Mobile Takeout To New Markets

GrubHub and Seamless are merging into a single company intent on bringing more customers to more restaurants, or more food to more customers, depending on your perspective. For those who have never heard of either company, they both allow mobile shoppers to avoid holding their phones to their ears to order takeout by using mobile apps on their phones instead. It's a popular concept, as evidenced by the roughly $875 million in gross food sales the two companies facilitated last year.

GrubHub1 GrubHub2 GrubHub3

The two competitors currently share the same goal of connecting hungry people with delicious meals, but they maintain separate networks of retailers across the country.

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