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Some specs for the Google Pixel 2 may have leaked, point to 5" and 6" displays

A few things are known about the two upcoming successors to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL - we know that taimen is the largest of Google's 2017 devices, that muskie was shelved in favor of taimen and that taimen is being made by LG. However, we hadn't heard anything about specifications until now. Our friends over at XDA spoke with a source who has spent time with "at least one of these phones," and believe this information to be valid given the source's track record.

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The largest of Google's 2017 devices, codenamed 'Taimen,' may be built by LG

Back in March, we learned that Google may be working on a third device for 2017, called 'Taimen' (Google traditionally names products after fish). This third model would be bigger than the next Pixel and Pixel XL, codenamed 'Walleye' and 'Muskie' respectively. It's not known for sure that Taimen will be a larger Pixel phone, just that it will be larger in size than Walleye and Muskie.

Earlier today, we reported that Muskie has likely been cancelled, leaving Walleye and Taimen the only phones Google will reveal this year. Now it seems that Taimen may be manufactured by LG. 

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Sources: Google's second-gen Pixel XL, muskie, has been cancelled - probably to be replaced by even larger phone

Based on information from three separate sources, we are now confident that Google has shelved plans to release one of its upcoming Pixel phones. The device, codenamed 'muskie,' was intended to succeed the Pixel XL. While we know very little about muskie, and now likely will never learn much else, we are confident that this phone was supposed to be the second-generation Pixel XL.

We rate this information 9 out of 10 on our rumor confidence scale. We have corroborated this story with several sources we deem reliable. The good news? That doesn't mean there won't be a new Pixel XL - just that it's not going to be muskie.

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Google may be working on a large third phone or tablet, codenamed 'taimen'

Just yesterday, Android Police exclusively reported on the codenames of the next Pixel phones, 'muskie' and 'walleye.' Google's products have long carried codenames inspired by aquatic animals, such as 'hammerhead' (Nexus 5), 'shamu' (Nexus 6), 'angler' (Nexus 6P), etc. Now, we're hearing that Google may have a third device, codenamed 'taimen,' in the works.

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