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Twitter rolls out tabbed home UI for faster access to up to five of your favorite lists (Update: Wide rollout)

Your Twitter timeline is likely a cacophony of voices and topics. The more you scroll the more you have to exercise brain gymnastics to understand the context and meaning of each tweet. Custom lists help you narrow down that overwhelming timeline into a more palatable, less crowded list of tweets which are closer in scope. Twitter is now simplifying access to these custom lists: By pinning them, you'll transform the app's homescreen into a swipeable tabbed interface with your lists right next to your main timeline.

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Chrome might add drag-and-drop support for tabs to (and from) other browsers

Now that most browsers share the same Chromium base (yay monopolies!), there's potential for some synergy between them. One step in that direction could be sharing tabs between different browsers, according to a flag that recently appeared in Chrome Canary.

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Unread badges could be coming to Google Chrome tabs and bookmarks

Since Chrome's big 10th birthday redesign, it's looking cleaner and less cluttered than ever, but that may be changing soon. The Chrome team is continuing work on the 'Badging API' that would allow websites to add unread notification badges to open tabs or bookmarks. In theory, this could be really useful, but I hope it doesn't make for a UI that's way too busy.

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Spotify app picks up tabbed library interface, gets new 'Liked Songs' playlist

Earlier today, Spotify announced that it was rolling out a whole new look for the Library section of the music streaming app, subdividing content into two general categories: Music and Podcasts. This change is supposed to make the podcast experience on the platform a bit easier to manage. There's also a new "Liked Songs" playlist that we're surprised didn't exist before.

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Chrome for Android might get a bottom tab switcher

Google has been working on various bottom toolbar interfaces for Chrome since late 2016. First, the address bar was moved to the bottom of the screen ('Chrome Home'), then Google began experimenting with moving various buttons to the lower part of the screen ('Chrome Duet'). Now the Chrome developers are trying something else — adding a tab switcher to the bottom.

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[Update: May come to Android] Google Chrome will get new Tab Groups feature in a future update, live in Canary

Finding yourself with too many tabs open and your computer memory suffering is something that happens to us all, although some more than others — looking at you, Ryne. When you've got too many in one window, something I like to call "Tab City," it can be hard to find what you want. Tab Groups could be Google's solution to this age-old problem.

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[Update: Going live for some] Chrome for Android is getting a shortcut to close all tabs

If you rack up a bunch of tabs in Chrome's Android app, closing them is — well, it's not hard, but it's mildly less convenient than it could be. But not for long! Chrome Story has spotted evidence that the browser's tab overview screen will soon have a button to close all your open tabs.

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Scrollable tabstrip 'in the works' for Google Chrome, according to engineer

I'm generally borderline obsessive about closing Chrome tabs I'm not using, but some people like to test the limits of their RAM by keeping dozens open at any given time. Chrome engineer Peter Kasting has shared some good news for such users: the browser's tabstrip will eventually be scrollable.

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Chrome is experimenting with a 'Switch to this tab' button

If you've ever absentmindedly loaded a website that you already had open, don't worry - you're not alone. Google has long had a flag that could help with that, though it's now experimenting with an improved UI containing a 'Switch to this tab' button for it.

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Google Maps 'For you' tab starting to appear for some (Updated)


Google announced some personalization tweaks to Google Maps at I/O this year, including a new tab called 'For you' that's meant to provide info about places that are relevant to you, personally. That feature is rolling out to some users now.

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