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Apple Music adds tablet support in latest beta


Chrome OS 70 rolling out with UI tweaks, floating keyboard, and app shortcuts

Chrome 70 was released on desktop platforms and Android earlier this month. Now it's time for Chromebooks to get the update, with a few added enhancements — like a new UI geared at tablet use and support for Android app shortcuts.

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Play Store has a new app listing UI for tablets

It's very rare to see Google improve the tablet experience on Android. As the Play Store arrives on more and more Chromebooks, perhaps someone at the company realized the app's tablet UI could use some tweaking. A new layout for app pages has been rolling out to users that adds a little more color.

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YouTube Music v2.06 adds double-tap to seek and officially becomes available to tablets [APK Download]

Two frequently requested features were added with the release of the latest YouTube Music update. Version 2.06 brings with it the double-tap to seek feature from the main YouTube app, and perhaps just as importantly, it can now be installed to tablets directly from the Play Store and has a new tablet-oriented layout for the video player.

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Adobe Lightroom for Android v3.1 adds tablet UI, selective editing, intelligent search, and more [APK Download]

For years, Adobe Lightroom has been the editor of choice for photographers. As opposed to Photoshop, which is more designed for pixel-level editing and layered images, Lightroom is geared towards manipulating photos. It's non-destructive, meaning that any changes can be easily reversed, and all of your edits are kept in the app's catalog.

Adobe has offered iOS and Android versions of Lightroom for a while now. You can select certain collections (aka albums) to sync to the cloud, for editing and viewing on the go. As you might expect, the mobile apps don't have all the functionality of the desktop applications, but they can still be helpful for quick tweaks and importing photos from your phone/tablet.

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Opera Max Gets Optimized For Android Tablets

Opera Max isn't a browser, but it utilizes the company's well known data compression prowess to save you a lot of bandwidth and Megabytes, regardless of the app you're using to sip through your data. However, prior to today, Max was only optimized for phones and didn't work well, or at all, on tablets.

With version 1.7.5, Opera Max is adding a tablet layout that utilizes the bigger screen estate to display more of your monitored app usage, data compression results, and settings. You can enable Opera Max on your data network, your WiFi connection, or both. You can blacklist some apps, allowing them to use as much bandwidth as they want, or go drastic and prevent an app's background data usage if you don't like what it's doing when you're not using it.

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Microsoft Brings OneNote Handwriting Support Out Of Beta, Introduces New UI Optimized For Tablets

For a while now Microsoft developers have been working on adding handwriting support to the Android app. The feature, which appeared in the newly released beta app last month, lets users add notes in a way that is sometimes more convenient or useful than typing. Writers can use their fingertips or a stylus and then tweak their notes with a number of options. The feature is particularly useful for scribbling thoughts in the margins of a scanned document.

Inking-with-OneNote Inking-with-OneNote-2

Handwriting support is good to see, but to really take advantage of it, users are better off with a larger device. So Microsoft has used this opportunity to roll out a tablet-optimized UI.

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Pandora 5.2 Adds Alarm And Sleep Timer To Tablet Interface, Plus New Notification Options

Pandora hasn't added any dramatic features to the music streaming app since the big interface change and Chromecast support, but they have been putting in small but noticeable changes on a pretty regular basis. Today's update to version 5.2 focuses on expanding some of the latest functionality to tablets and expanding the sleep timer and alarm clock.

2014-03-05 13.38.38 2014-03-05 13.38.46

First of all, both are now available on the tablet interface, which is handy for anyone who uses their tablet as a bedside companion. For all versions, the sleep timer can now be adjusted in increments of 15, 30, or 60 minutes, which is still a bit limited as these things go.

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A Tablet Version Of Twitter For Android Is Coming By The End Of The Year - Still Only On The 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 For Now

Today Twitter has officially introduced the long-awaited tablet version of their Android app, and it should look pretty familiar. This UI was first leaked during the Samsung Unpacked event last month in Germany, but Twitter kept their lips sealed regarding the issue. Now the company is ready to show off their new Android tablet UI to the world, only you will still need a 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 in order to use it.


This landscape view allows for much more content to fit on screen at once. Clicking on a tweet with multimedia attached will expand photos, videos, and article previews on the right side.

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Google Search Updated To 2.8.7 With Automatic Language Pack Updates, Wider TV Program Recognition, Tablet UI Tweak [APK Download]

Somewhere amid the rest of Google's app updates today, Google updated its Search app. While the Play Store still shows an old change log, there are at least a couple of notable changes with the new update.

First among them, as part of Google's ongoing quest for better language processing, is the ability to have language packs automatically update themselves. This is something we uncovered in our last APK Teardown, though some of the more exciting features we saw evidence of (custom hotwords) haven't quite hit prime time yet.

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