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[Update: Officially announced on Twitter last week] The Play Store is allowing YouTube TV to be installed on some tablets, but it doesn't work on all of them

The YouTube TV app listing has been updated to be compatible with Android tablets. However, YMMV when it comes to specific devices. It isn't currently working for all of them, though you can still sideload the app, as before. The listing on Google play was compatible with a Nexus 7 in our testing, but support for the Pixel C, as well as many other devices, is not present.

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Dropbox's Mailbox App Updated With Tablet Support (Sort Of) In Version 1.6

The Mailbox email app belongs to Dropbox, but it began life as an independent app on iOS. That being the case, it's not really surprising that when Dropbox bought the developers and made the app multi-platform, it wasn't initially optimized for Android tablets. It was a little odd when that status quo continued for the better part of a year. With version 1.6.2, that considerable oversight has been addressed.

2015-02-08 18.27.58 2015-02-08 18.28.07 2015-02-08 18.28.19

Well, kinda. While the app at least works with tablets now, it's not exactly optimized - the interface is essentially a gigantic version of the smartphone app, offering no real advantage on the larger screen.

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Viber Hits The Big 4.0, Gets Tablet-Optimized Interface, Instant Voice Messages, Over 1000 New Stickers, And More

Looking to save a few bucks by using VoIP apps instead of voice minutes? I hear you. It's not exactly difficult to find a plan offering unlimited talk, but with a new Sprint MVNO popping up every couple of weeks and such affordable deals as T-Mobile's $30 5GB prepaid plan still lingering around, it's worth taking a look at cheaper options. Viber's latest update has rolled out, doing its part to make transitioning to VoIP all the more attractive.

Viber1 Viber2


Viber 4.0 comes with support for Android tablets, allowing users to more comfortably bounce back and forth between multiple devices. It also rolls out new instant voice messaging, which lets users hold down a button to speak outside of calls.

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Ustream Brings Viewing And Broadcasting Abilities To Honeycomb Tablets

Moving right along with today's seemingly unplanned Honeycomb extravaganza, Ustream has pushed an update to its official app that, among other features, adds support for Honeycomb tablets. Now you can watch video streams or broadcast your own right from your tablet. Naturally, the update offers a new interface to take advantage of the large display, have a look:

ss-1280-0-7 ss-1280-1-7 ss-1280-2-5

The update also brings some nice updates for phones, like the ability to move it to the SD cards and improved device support, including the Nexus S running Android 2.3.4.

You can pull this update directly from the Market on your device, or grab it by hitting the widget below.

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IMDb App Gets Update, Now Optimized For Honeycomb

The Internet Movie Database, or IMDb as it's commonly known, pushed an update to its official Android app earlier today that includes some new features, including full Honeycomb support - and it looks quite good, too. The interface is very intuitive and clean, and it takes full advantage of the large display.

1 2 3

The update also brings movie rating, a watchlist where you can track movies and TV shows, enhanced showtimes, the ability to purchase tickets directly within the app, improved performance, and tons of bug fixes.

4 5 6

The update is live in the Android Market, you can grab it by hitting the widget below.

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