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[Update: Get your pre-order on] The LG V40 is official: Where to buy it and when it's available

LG has just taken the wraps off the V40 ThinQ, its follow-up to the almost continual V30/V30S ThinQ/V35 ThinQ refreshes. The latest iteration in the V series brings real change in design, though, with a new notched and significantly improved OLED display, triple rear camera configuration, and a $900-1000 price tag to go with it.

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Metro by T-Mobile plans are available today with 5G coming in 2019

It was announced that MetroPCS would become Metro by T-Mobile a couple of weeks ago, the re-branding coming with some enticing perks like free Amazon Prime membership. The shift took place today — and apparently award-winning actor and producer Keegan-Michael Key is the new service's first customer.

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T-Mobile LG V20 is finally receiving its Android 8.0 Oreo update

Lagging behind the other carrier versions (by months, in some cases), T-Mobile is finally pushing out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the LG V20. Better late than never, I guess?

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MetroPCS becomes Metro by T-Mobile, introduces new $60 unlimited plan with Amazon Prime and Google One

The last several months have been busy for T-Mobile. There are the ongoing merger machinations with Sprint, a new customer support model, and some 5G announcements thrown in for good measure, too. But the carrier has more up its magenta sleeves: it announced today that sub-brand MetroPCS is becoming Metro by T-Mobile, and gaining some new plans. The refreshed offerings include unlimited data and, at the $60 tier, Google One and Amazon Prime.

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The first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, was announced 10 years ago today

On this fateful day ten years ago, Google, T-Mobile, and HTC joined forces to announce the T-Mobile G1. It would go on to launch internationally as the HTC Dream, but this piece of hardware was the first way consumers could experience the Android platform. The G1 was far from perfect, even by the standards of the day. At the same time, it offered an open, customizable experience in stark contrast to the iPhone. It was the start of something big.

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Android 8.0 Oreo now rolling out to the LG G5 on T-Mobile and Verizon

Android 9 Pie has already arrived on a few phones, but many other devices are still waiting on promised Oreo updates. The LG G6 was updated to Android 8.0 earlier this year, and the company also promised upgrades for the V20 and G5. Oreo is now rolling out to the T-Mobile and Verizon variants of the LG G5, according to multiple user reports.

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Android phones in the US can now provide accurate location data directly to emergency services

The location-finding capabilities of US emergency services are woefully inadequate, this much is known. What makes it all the more tragically ironic is that the very devices most often used to call 911 — smartphones — contain exceedingly accurate location data. How hard could it be to use that data for such an important purpose? Hard enough that it took Google until just now to expand its faster, more accurate Emergency Location Service (ELS) to the US. But, hey, at least it's finally here, and Google reports that it's already saving lives.

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T-Mobile strikes $3.5 billion 5G deal with Ericsson, matching recent Nokia investment

Now that the 5G standards are complete (both standalone and the kind that piggybacks on LTE), American carriers are rushing to pump up the hype ahead of initial trials and deployments. For T-Mobile, that means announcing a new $3.5 billion investment in 5G with Swedish supplier Ericsson a mere week and a half after announcing a deal of the same dollar amount with Finland-based Nokia. In total, that's a whopping $7 billion. 

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[Deal Alert] Costco offers up to $500 in lump sum Samsung trade-in credit toward T-Mobile Note9

Many of the recent Pixel 3 leaks haven't exactly been celebrated — our own recent poll results show 60 percent of participating readers don't like the look of it — leaving the well-reviewed Samsung Galaxy Note9 in a strong position. Carrier deals only enhance the allure —for instance, T-Mobile's offer of up to $500 in trade-in credits (split over 24 months) on Note9 activations. Even better, though, is Costco's new offer in partnership with the carrier, which gifts the full $500 in one lump sum. 

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T-Mobile is notifying some customers about a recent security breach

Some T-Mobile customers may be receiving a message in the coming days regarding a security incident which took place on August 20th. According to the notice received by some customers already, "certain information" including names, addresses, account numbers, and account types may have been accessed in the breach before unauthorized access was shut down. Affected customers will allegedly be contacted by SMS, phone, or mail (the last only for business and government accounts, or those with over 100 lines).

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