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[Update: More notes] T-Mobile One rebrands as 'Magenta,' bumps cost of complimentary Netflix on old plans

T-Mobile is rebranding its service plan offerings away from T-Mobile ONE to Magenta. Starting from June 2, those who sign onto a new basic plan will get a mobile hotspot boost while existing customers will have to endure major shifts to the Netflix on Us program. The self-titled "Un-carrier" is also trying to round up switchers onto the new plan by letting them carry over whatever service rate discounts they have.

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T-Mobile is offering 4 ONE lines for $35 each for Valentine's Day

T-Mobile is sweetening its ONE plan this Valentine's by offering a free line of service when you add a new one to an existing family plan or start a new one. That may sound slightly confusing, but what it really boils down to is that you can get a T-Mobile ONE plan with 4 lines for $35 per line (that's $140 total), instead of the usual $40. T-Mobile's ONE plan already comes with unlimited 4G data (deprioritized at >50 GB), tethering, data roaming in 140+ countries, and a standard Netflix subscription.

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T-Mobile ONE's new "Netflix On Us" brings free Netflix to customers with two or more lines

T-Mobile's Un-carrier Next event was today, and to our surprise, the announcement is actually pretty sweet. Thanks to "Netflix on Us," customers with two or more T-Mobile ONE lines can now get Netflix for absolutely nothing every month. This is an addition that I think everyone can get on board with.

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T-Mobile's new ONE Unlimited 55+ plan allows people over 55 years of age to get two lines for only $60

In the past few years, T-Mobile has been going after younger customers with offers like (480p) videos not counting towards data caps, free things every week with T-Mobile Tuesdays, and so on. But now, the magenta-themed company is going after older people, specifically those over 55 years of age, with its new ONE Unlimited 55+ plan. Surprisingly, it's a pretty good deal.

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T-Mobile ONE boosts international data speeds and lowers price of Plus add-on

T-Mobile announced some significant changes to its ONE plan recently to counter Verizon's new unlimited offer. That new plan is live today, and there are a few other small changes worth knowing about. T-Mobile's international roaming will be faster and the Plus upgrade is cheaper.

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T-Mobile trying to undercut Verizon's Unlimited plan, rolls back tethering and video throttling

Yesterday, Verizon announced they would start offering unlimited data plans again, for the first time in over five years. For $80 a month, the plan has remarkably few catches - speeds may be decreased in congested areas after 22GB, and you only get 10GB of LTE data for tethering. Now T-Mobile appears to be rushing to stay competitive, as CEO John Legere has announced changes to the T-Mobile ONE Plan on Twitter.

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T-Mobile's next 'Uncarrier' move gets rid of all non-ONE plans, pays back fees and taxes, offers credit for low data users

T-Mobile's allegedly revolutionary ONE Unlimited plan has been met with a lot of skepticism thanks to its oxymoronic limitations on streaming video and tethering, plus new tiers of service that undermine the idea of a "single" data plan for everyone. Even so, CEO John Legere said that the company is "doubling down" on the ONE plan. In his typical bombastic and profanity-laden style, Legere announced that starting January 22nd, T-Mobile will only offer the ONE Unlimited plan to new post-paid customers. That's $70 for talk, text, and "unlimited" data for the first line, $120 for two lines, and $20 for each line after.

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T-Mobile is offering AT&T customers a free year of DIRECTV NOW when they switch to T-Mobile ONE

T-Mobile US is well-known for aggressive marketing tactics that incorporate direct shots at main competitors, and its latest offer for new customers doesn't deviate from that trend at all. Starting tomorrow (December 16th), the company will offer a free year of DIRECTV NOW (worth $420) to AT&T customers who switch to T-Mobile ONE.

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T-Mobile's $325 off Pixel promo is now available to customers with Simple Choice Unlimited plans too

John Legere is well-known for being a rather unconventional CEO, and the Pixel promo that T-Mobile took the wraps off of last week had Legere stamped all over it (it was essentially the equivalent of spitting in Verizon's face). The $325 bill credit for having a Pixel on T-Mobile seemed like a sweet deal at first glance, but it required customers to be on the carrier's controversial, "unlimited" ONE plan.

We first heard about T-Mobile extending the offer to non-ONE customers when a reader tipped us with a thread from the Pixel subreddit (thanks, Alex!), but nothing was official. However, T-Mobile has just updated its promo's press release to indicate that Simple Choice unlimited customers are now eligible for this offer as well.

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T-Mobile will give $325 in bill credit to customers who bring a Pixel and sign up for T-Mobile ONE

Verizon exclusive? Ha! After CEO John Legere teased some sort of Pixel offer yesterday, T-Mobile has taken the wraps off an offer for the new Google Pixel; if you bring a Pixel to T-Mo, you can get $325 in bill credits back. If you've been on the fence about either T-Mobile or the Pixel, this may sway your decision.

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