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T-Mobile will now return sales tax to customers who purchase a new smartphone

T-Mobile is pretty hot on saving its customers money, especially if the company can create positive PR about it (which it's pretty good at, all things being said). The latest scheme takes that dreaded word, 'taxes' and tries to at least make it tolerable by returning sales tax to you when new and existing customers buy a new smartphone.

Obviously this is a pretty big win for T-Mobile. It goes hand-in-hand with the ONE program the carrier offers, which includes taxes and other monthly fees in the price of the plan, unlike other networks who tag those fees on after the fact.

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Simply No Choice: T-Mobile's new "ONE" plan is not good for consumers, sets bad precedents

Starting on September 6th, new T-Mobile postpaid subscribers or current postpaid customers looking to change their plan will have exactly one choice: the ONE plan. T-Mobile is dramatically simplifying its [admittedly, confusing at times] plan structure for individuals and families by introducing literally one plan. Again: the ONE plan. It works like this - as you can see in detail in our post on the news - but let me give you the flyby version.

As an individual, you'd pay $70 per month for the ONE plan. Unlimited talk, text, and data. Sounds nice! And simple. But the strings attached aren't so much strings as structural-grade steel cables.

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