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Android N Dev Preview 3: Demo Mode Is Back, Now In Developer Settings

If you think back to when Marshmallow was unveiled, and then even further back to when it was still known as 'M', you may remember a feature in the System UI Tuner, known as 'Demo Mode.' It was a useful setting, especially for developers or others needing to take screenshots (ahem), since it replaced the notification bar with a generic, preset one which did not show any existing notifications or low battery warnings.

It disappeared in Developer Preview 2, though, seemingly gone without a trace. As with everything in the System UI Tuner, things are liable to disappear, break, or be removed at any time, so this wasn't entirely a surprise (see David's comment from a few days ago for more info).

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[Promising] Android N Preview 3 Adds An Automatic Level For Power Notification Controls (Previously Known As Full Importance)

The saga of "full importance" notification levels in Android N continues. The feature was introduced in the first developer preview as a more granular control method for notification settings, then it was further modified in the second developer preview with some shuffling and renaming of the different levels and the addition of a sixth one, and now in the third developer preview, we're seeing one more option: Automatic importance.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Some Do Not Disturb Tweaks Are Hidden In The System UI Tuner

The System UI Tuner option of Android N changes a couple of things from Marshmallow. We've already covered how you can use it to tweak your status bar and calibrate the color of your screen, but there's another aspect that it lets you modify and that's the Do not disturb (DND) mode.

Two settings can be changed for DND in the System UI Tuner: Show with volume buttons and Volume buttons shortcut. The first one will always show a DND toggle each time you change your volume, allowing you to quickly set DND on or off.


The second option is a more subtle way of activating DND by using the volume buttons on your device.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: System UI Tuner Expands Status Bar Options With Auto-Rotate Status Symbol, Clock, Battery, And Others

System UI Tuner made its debut in the Android M developer preview, and a little less than a year later it's getting some interesting new additions in version N. It's still activated in the same way: lower the Quick Settings shade and hold the "settings" gear icon for a few seconds. After that, the System UI tuner option will appear in the main Settings menu. We've already examined the new color balance calibration tool and the return of Night Mode, plus the new Quick Settings options, which are now exposed to the user by default. Let's take a look at the new Statusbar options, some of which are new and some of which are carried over from Android M:

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Color Balance Calibration Now Available In System UI Tuner

Two different phones might have screens that share all the same specs, but in practice they may display colors differently. If you've ever wished you could easily tweak the way those colors are shown, Android N might give it to you. The system UI tuner includes a color calibration menu with sliders for the red, green, and blue channels.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Night Mode Is Back With Expanded Features Including A Red Filter And Lower Brightness

When we got our first peek at Android M in the dev preview last year, many of you were elated to see an option for Night Mode in the OS. After all, that white settings UI is unpleasant to look at in the dark. Google pulled Night Mode before the final build came out, but it's back in the Android N preview. It's also much more robust.

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[Update: Same In Final 6.0] System UI Tuner Is Alive And Well In Android 6.0 Preview 3, But There's A New Way To Activate It

Initially, upon flashing the third developer preview of Android 6.0, we thought our beloved System UI Tuner had gone the way of the dodo. Not so - it's still here, it's just a little less obvious how to get it. If you flashed the latest developer preview and didn't wipe your user data (or received it via OTA), you probably didn't even notice anything changed aside from a little gear icon in your settings shortcut in the quick toggle area, and that little icon is key - press and hold it to activate (or deactivate) the system UI tuner, which will then appear at the bottom of the settings app.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Demo Mode Hides Notifications, Sets Battery to 100 And Clock to 5:20 - Perfect For Screenshots

On more than one occasion when trying out a new app and taking screenshots for the benefit of Android Police readers, something in the status bar has overshadowed the actual content I was showing off. It might be a battery in the red (which really seems to bother some people, even when they see it on someone else's phone!) or an incoming OTA update I've yet to flash. Apparently Google is tired of seeing this sort of thing in screenshots as well.

Screenshot_20150719-121756 Screenshot_20150719-121013

In the second version of the Android M Developer Preview, there's a new entry in the Developer options menu called "System UI tuner." (We previously took a look at this in the story about removing permanent items from the network cluster area.) Open the System UI tuner and you can also see an option called "Demo mode." Enable this, then turn it on, and your statusbar will hide all notifications, even new incoming ones, though they may still appear temporarily as heads-up notifications.

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