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OnePlus makes first system image (v4.7.4) for OnePlus 5T available for download

The OnePlus 5T is now landing on doorsteps across the globe, and most users will find that it has an OTA update available when they power it on. OxygenOS v4.7.4 rolled out last week, but now a system image of that version is also available for download. OnePlus even has full instructions for flashing the update.

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OnePlus releases Oreo system images for OnePlus 3 and 3T

Earlier this month, OnePlus started rolling out OxygenOS 5.0 (aka Android 8.0 Oreo) to the OnePlus 3 and 3T. Meanwhile, Oreo for the newer OnePlus 5 is still in beta. If you have a 3 or 3T, and you'd rather not wait for the update to be pushed to your phone, you can now download the system images straight from OnePlus' website.

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Google Developers Make Glass XE16 Factory System Image Available For Download

Two days ago, Google Glass received the XE16 update that bumped the device up to KitKat, introduced photo bundles, brought in sorted voice commands, and added a number of other features. This release was different for a few reasons, the most notable of which being the long wait (the last release was XE12 back in December).

Now the Glass team has released the update's system image to the Internet. The file is available for download from the usual location.


The zip file containing the goods weighs in at 432MB total. This data comes after four months of waiting, so there's plenty here for developer types to have fun with.

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Google Glass XE10 System Image Ready For Download

Today Google Glass got its awaited update to XE 10 (explorer edition 10), and it looks like the system image is already up for grabs from Google's developer site. For those who missed our earlier post, XE10 brings transit directions, the ability to click links in notifications, and new visual flare by way of profile photos embedded behind messages or comments.

If you want to grab the update, you're looking at a 343MB download. It's also worth noting that Google's removed previous system images today, since there's a significant "firmware change" with XE10. Google warns "flashing back to an earlier build might brick your device."

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