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Synology DS apps see updates, Android TV, fingerprint and passcode security, and automatic backup features inbound

Uploading your files to the cloud might be fashionable these days, but some still like to keep their files, photos, videos, and anything else secure from prying eyes, yet still accessible if they're not at their computer. Synology, a maker of Network Attached Storage devices, which the company calls DiskStations (DS for short), has updated four of its apps; DS photo, DS file, DS note, and MailPlus.

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Synology Chat is an instant messaging application that runs off your private server

When I say "Synology," the first thing that comes to mind is personal servers, NAS, and lots of cool things you can keep stored on your own "cloud" to access anywhere and without trusting any company with your data. Now Synology is using its expertise in building personal servers and apps to introduce an instant messaging application.

In a world where privacy is a big concern and end-to-end encryption is more and more important, having your chat app run off your own server saves you the trouble of researching whom you can and can't trust with your data. It may not be ideal for communicating with everyone you know, but it's an interesting solution for the friends and family you trust, especially if you already have a Synology server.

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Synology DS Audio app updated with Android Auto support

Slowly but surely, the wider Android community is adopting support for Android Auto. Well, maybe support is too strong a word. They definitely don't object to it. And most of them have probably heard about it. They've certainly skimmed over a bit of text mentioning Android Auto in the latest SDK. Maybe. Alright, so Android Auto support isn't quite as robust as it might be, but Synology's NAS music app works with it now! That's nice.

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Synology Releases An Android Client For MailPlus, A Secure Email System Hosted On A Private NAS

Synology is a Taiwanese company that specializes in hardware and software for network attached storage. It's not particularly known as a security company, but with the American government publicly demanding access to more or less all data on the planet, and other countries and less polite entities taking it without asking, the market is ripe to sell security products to wary consumers. Hence MailPlus, yet another secure and encrypted email system, this time independently hosted from a customer's Synology-branded NAS hardware.

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Synology Updates Many Of Its Android Apps With DSM 6.0 Beta Compatibility, Two-Factor Authentication, And More

Synology will sell you network attached storage, and it will give you no shortage of Android apps to access it with. Recently the company has updated several of those mobile bits of software with support for DiskStation Manager 6.0 Beta. This is the latest version of the operating system you can install to one of those aforementioned NAS boxes, which you're welcome to download if you have the right hardware.

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Synology's New RT1900ac Router Gets Its Own Android App: DS Router

Around these parts, Synology is better known for its NAS boxes, which are storage drives that you access over the network and that come with a slew of optimized Android apps dedicated to accessing videos, photos, audio, documents, files, and notes from your mobile device. But it looks like Synology is casting a wider net with the release of the new RT1900ac router.

This new router has three antennas and 802.11ac support with a maximum speed of 1900Mbps. It promises easy setup and a friendly management interface that should alleviate the pains of other routers' daunting consoles and menus. With add-on packages, the RT1900ac can become a VPN server, media server, DNS server, and more. You

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Synology Adds Chromecast And DLNA Support To DS Photo+, Updates Nearly All Their Other Apps Too

Synology, purveyor of network attached storage, has brought updates across the range of their Android interfaces for their products. Perhaps most interesting and useful is the latest update to DS photo+, which now allows you to stream photos and video via Chromecast or DLNA from your Synology NAS. If you utilize the private cloud setup offered on many of their devices, this could allow you to take your personal media to work, friends, or wherever else you may want to go.


The best way to ensure legacy support? Use Android 4.1 in your test device! Listening to Ne-Yo hits from 2012 really helps, too.

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Synology Updates DS Cam To Version 2.5 With Support For Lens Control, Two-Way Audio, And More

DS Cam is Synology's interface for interacting with its surveillance camera from an Android device. Version 2.5 adds a number of new features, most of which require Surveillance Station 7.0. One is the ability to control the lens, specifically auto-panning, auto-focusing, and tracking objects. With two-way audio, instead of simply hearing what's going on, you can now project your voice through the camera's speaker as well.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 at 12.10.19 PM

This update also adds the ability to download, view, delete, lock, and unlock snapshots taken with the Surveillance Station.

Only two enhancements are reserved for people who don't own Surveillance Station 7.0: the list view layout is now remembered after logging out and you can rearrange the list of recordings so that newest or oldest entries appear first.

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Hands On With Synology's App Family And The DS 415+ NAS

These days, there are tons of way to store files. Locally, in the cloud, on the network...or any combination of those. Personally, I'm a cloud storage kind of guy - ever since Dropbox and Drive have been a thing, I've relied on them to keep everything in sync across all of my computers and mobile devices. Keeping my most-used files accessible whenever and wherever I want has changed the way I use my gear (for the better).

One area where I haven't had a lot of experience, however, is with network attached storage (NAS). Before the cloud, I loved the idea of being able to grab my data regardless of what device I was on, and I always wanted to build one up, but it's just something that never happened.

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Synology Releases The Public DiskStation Manager 5.1 Beta, A New DS Note App, And A Ton Of Android App Updates

There are many reasons not to want to hop aboard the cloud computing bandwagon. One reason is the lack of internet access in all the places where you need it, and there's nothing you can really do about that. But another common complaint is the need to trust another company enough to manage your data, and there are ways around that. Synology NAS (network attached storage) users get to build their own cloud without having to give up all of the convenience that comes with the likes of Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, or whomever else comes to mind. Now the company has rolled out a bunch of new stuff.

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