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SwiftKey Beta returns phone number and email predictions, adds Android Nougat emojis

SwiftKey hit a rough patch in the last month. A bug with suggestions was causing some crisscross of information between accounts, giving email addresses and phone numbers as suggestions to users who had never entered them. That lead the developers to stop all synchronization in the app then roll out a temporary fix that reinstated the busted sync but only for regular words, not emails and numbers.

Now the final fix is quasi ready. The latest SwiftKey Beta (v adds back number, email, and other predictions containing the character @. However, all learned ones have been wiped so you'll have to start from a clean slate.

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The Gmail Sync Bug's Fix Is Rolling Out Over The Next Week, No App Updates Necessary

Some android users have been suffering from delayed or inexistent notifications since November. The issue mostly affects Gmail on Nexus devices running Marshmallow (but other apps, devices, and Android builds have also been reported). Two weeks ago, Gmail 5.10 rolled out but the updated app only fixed synchronization for Hotmail accounts, not other types and most importantly, not Gmail accounts. At the time, we knew that the more pervasive sync bug had been identified by the team, but that the fix hadn't been implemented yet.

It seems that the woes of everyone suffering from this issue are about to be over.

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