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Typewise wants to get rid of the only keyboard layout you know how to use

Over the years, the keyboard layout used on phones hasn’t seen a ton of change. While we’ve been introduced to plenty of new features such as swipe-typing, auto-correction, and word prediction, it's not often we see a reinvented keyboard layout. Now Typewise is looking to shake things up by doing something about that.

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Swype Keyboard is now discontinued

For years, Swype Keyboard was one of the best third-party keyboards for Android, with a focus on swipe typing and voice dictation. But all good things must come to an end, and Nuance Communications Inc has confirmed that Swype is no longer under development.

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Swype Keyboard updated to v3.0.1 with emoji prediction, optional number row, and more

Swipe input is great on smartphones, and Swype Keyboard is the one that started it all. You may not remember, but there was a kerfuffle years back when Swype refused to make its app available for download generally. Instead it pursued OEM deals before finally releasing a version on the Play Store in 2013. It hasn't been updated as rapidly as rival SwiftKey or the Google Keyboard (now Gboard), but it's getting a sizable update today.

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Swype Updated To v2.0 With Improved Auto-Correct, Emoji Keyboard, And A Theme Store Featuring Star Trek

If you've been using Android for long enough, you might remember the days when the only swiping keyboard in existence was Swype, and you had to sign up for a weird private beta program to use it. Well, it's been in the Play Store for a few years now, and it's getting a big v2.0 update today. It's going where no man has gone before.

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Swype Keyboard v1.9 Adds Times And Dollar Amounts To Prediction Bar, Learns To Complete Short Phrases, And More

Swype, at its core, helps us be lazy. Want to type? Don't bother lifting up your thumb. Don't know how to spell? Just get close. Sure, these are only the byproducts of creating an input method that takes the pain out of using touchscreens, but the end result is the same. And things are only getting easier.

The latest update reduces the need to hold down keys with numbers as secondary characters or switch back and forth between alphabetical and numerical keyboards. If you peck away at letters with a number attached, Swype will include numerical values among its suggestions. So you can enter $650 by typing sytp or 2:30 by entering wjep.

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Swype Version 1.8 Introduces Three New Themes, A Floating Keyboard For Tablets, Several New Languages, And More

Swype, the keyboard that made gesture-based typing famous, is still alive and kicking. The company has just crammed enough new features into its Android app to bump things up to version 1.8.

What's on the changelog? Cool stuff, that's what. Stuff like new Lollipop-friendly themes that even stock Android lovers will be able to install without holding their nose. There's a dark one, a light one, and a third theme called Bumblebee because why not?

Swype3 Swype2 Swype4

Tablet users can now detach their Swype keyboard from the bottom of the screen and move it around however they like. It might make typing a little more awkward, but that is absolutely not the point.

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Swype Website Hacked By Pro-Palestinian Group, Still Compromised Hours Later

Swype's website has come under attack this evening by a group claiming connections to the pro-Palestinian movement. The website was taken down mid-afternoon (Pacific time) on Saturday, and is still showing a message left there by "TeaM System Dz." As you might suspect, the message is highly critical of Israel (under the so-called #OpSaveGaza banner) for its recent military action in the Gaza Strip.


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Android "L" Feature Spotlight: The Keyboard Selector Has Moved From The Notification Area To The Navigation Bar

Android L has brought a new version of the Google Keyboard with Material Design and an optional white KitKat theme, but if you're an avid fan of Swiftkey, its predictions, and themes, or any other third-party alternative, you will notice that the option to select your keyboard is now down in the right corner of the navigation bar, instead of the notification drop-down.


The new placement makes a lot more sense, because keyboard selection isn't a notification, is it? It's also closer to the keyboard and your fingers' position while typing. On the downside, it disturbs the navigation bar's balance by adding a fourth element to those clean geometrical buttons, and you may accidentally tap it when aiming for the Submit/Search/Enter button or Recents.

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Swype App Updated To Not Ask Where You Are 4000 Times A Day Because It Probably Shouldn't Do That, Also Fixes Other Stuff

After numerous reports that the Swype app was making OCD-level location requests on some users' devices, the company updated the popular 3rd party keyboard to, well, not do that. At least one user claimed the app requested his location nearly 4000 times in a single day, which obviously has some rather unfortunate implications for battery life.

While some users have tried to turn this into a privacy issue (come on guys, it's a keyboard app), more than anything it just seems like a potentially battery-killing bug that needed squashing. And squashed it has been: Swype released an update to version 1.6.16 today that should eliminate the bug and reduce the number of location requests dramatically for users who were experiencing it.

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Perhaps Try SwiftKey Next Time, Swype Keyboward?

This was just too good of a goof to pass up. "Swype, for all those times you need to make the most ironic typos." Perhaps, installing SwiftKey might be a good idea:

Via: @Swype (imgur mirror for when they take it down)

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