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Swoot is now Podhero, a new subscription service to help podcast creators get paid

After starting life as a social podcast platform from the founders of HipChat, Swoot is not only being renamed Podhero but its main mission is also changing. Getting recommendations from your friends is still part of the experience (if you want it to be), but the app is now a subscription service that divides what you pay among all the podcasts you listen to. According to the developers, 97% of podcasts don't make money, so this is their attempt to solve the problem and help podcast producers get paid.

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Swoot is a podcast app from the makers of HipChat to hear what all your friends are listening to

Two co-founders of HipChat — the team chat app sold to Atlassian, then bought and shut down by Slack — have launched a new podcast app called Swoot, designed to encourage the discovery of new shows and hot episodes from friend to friend. Their goals are to enable podcasts from smaller producers to go viral and achieve monetization opportunities that have yet to reach them.

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