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Typewise wants to get rid of the only keyboard layout you know how to use

Over the years, the keyboard layout used on phones hasn’t seen a ton of change. While we’ve been introduced to plenty of new features such as swipe-typing, auto-correction, and word prediction, it's not often we see a reinvented keyboard layout. Now Typewise is looking to shake things up by doing something about that.

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Grammarly Keyboard adds swipe typing

Grammarly wants to help you improve your writing, and on Android, the company offers a keyboard app that makes grammar corrections instantly accessible and lets you find impeccable synonyms even easier. Today, Grammarly has announced that it's also adding swiping functionality to the keyboard, bringing it on par with most other input apps on Android.

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Gboard has a bug that screws up glide typing, but there's an easy fix

If you're a Gboard user who has recently been frustrated by your glide typing yielding a bungled mess, take heart: you're not alone, and you're not going crazy. Google has confirmed that it's aware of the bug affecting its virtual keyboard and is on the case. In the meantime, there's a simple fix that users may already have stumbled upon.

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