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SwiftKey Beta 6.0 Brings Double Word Prediction, Improved Emoji Panel, And An All-New Settings Menu

It doesn't matter how many times I try other keyboards, I can never seem to find anything better than SwiftKey. I've been using it for a few years now, so I've seen nearly every evolution of the keyboard, and I dig using the beta since it gets me in on the action just a little bit earlier than the "stable" version.

Let's take today's update for example: SwiftKey is launching version 6.0 of its keyboard into the beta channel, and it's a big one. The company has not only revamped the emoji panel (which I will readily admit is the least exciting thing going on here in my opinion), but it has also completely resigned the settings menu to be more intuitive and prettier — if you're a longtime SK user, it's actually a bit of a shock at first.

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[Hands-On] Swiftkey Neural Alpha - A Greenhouse Experiment That Works Pretty Well

Every once in a while, we get a sneak peek into the new technology that companies are creating that will ultimately make something better, faster, or [adjective here]. Swiftkey recently launched the latest project from Swiftkey Greenhouse: Swiftkey Neural Alpha. This is the first keyboard on a smartphone that uses artificial neural networks to fix mistakes and predict words. Swiftkey currently utilizes n-gram technology to do this by looking for patterns and common phrases.


Neural Network Clusters

While n-gram technology does use context to create predictions, this new neural network-based engine goes one step further toward truly understanding what you mean. Swiftkey's blog post has a full rundown of how the technology works, and there are many videos explaining neural networks and machine learning.

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SwiftKey Announces Neural Alpha, A New Keyboard Based On Neural Network Technology

Do you ever feel like your phone's keyboard is dumb? SwiftKey has announced a new experimental keyboard that leverages the power of an artificial neural network that hopefully won't make the same old mistakes that other keyboards do. You can give it a shot right now by downloading the SwiftKey Neural Alpha from the Play Store.

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Swiftkey Clarity Keyboard Beta v0.5.3 #$#%! $!$*$%# @# @$&$&#@!$ #$$! @#$#%@[email protected]#!

@@#!%@# @#!~^%# @#%@#[email protected]#% @#! @$%@# @@@#$% @*&4^$ @#^[email protected]#. #$^@ #@#. ^%@#^ *@#%*#$*&& &*%^#&*$&^&# #& &$#*@*@#$ ^#$^@#$^ #%^@#$^#$$# &&^O*&%& ^&&*@&*& &&@#&%.

[email protected]%[email protected] @&#& !&%@*&#% @&# &! & &@&%*[email protected]%$ ##$!$ @[email protected]$%@ &@ #@$%@# @@@#$% @*&4^$ @#^[email protected]#.

#*%*@ @&%&@W#% &@&#&@% ###&%&[email protected]&% &#$*@&&% %&@** [email protected]&$*@&#*!& @&*@&# $&@ [email protected] @ @&[email protected]&*. $& @&#% # @# %&@&% @#@#@.


* Stop correcting profanities

@#@#@ %&@&% #@ # %#&@ &$. *&@O$&@ @ @! @&$ #&@*&@ &!*#&@*$&@O **@&% %&&@*$#& %&@!&%&### %@&#&@& %#[email protected]&%&@ @*%*#

#@!^#@ $^4&*@ %$#@@@ #@%[email protected]# @& @%[email protected][email protected] $!$## $%@!*%&@& & !& #&@ %#&*@%&! &#&@ @$%@!

%&#@&& &*&@*&&^ &%&*O^&& #$$#^$#@^%# ^$#@^$#^ $#@*@*#$& &# #&^&$*&#^%*& &&*$#*%#@* ^#@%^.

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[Update: Samsung Rolling Out A Fix] PSA: Keyboard Security Flaw Impacting "600 Million+" Samsung Phones Is Probably Nothing To Worry About

This morning, a company called NowSecure published an exploit claiming to affect SwiftKey on Samsung devices that they assert could impact "600 million+" devices. Well, maybe.

While we cannot verify the true seriousness of the security flaw were an attacker to successfully manage to exploit it, we were able to verify something substantially more important to end user safety - it does not affect the SwiftKey app, only the built-in Samsung IME which is partly developed by SwiftKey.

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SwiftKey Updated To v5.3 With A New Default Theme, Redesigned SwiftKey Hub, And More

After going to a freemium model almost a year ago, SwiftKey has been layering on new features like there's no tomorrow. In today's update (previously in beta, so it might sound familiar to some of you) there's a new theme, refinements of various features, and even some new languages. This version is already rolling out, but if you don't see it yet, we've got the APK below.


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SwiftKey Introduces Greenhouse Initiative To Experiment With New Ideas, Debuts Clarity Keyboard Beta

The SwiftKey folks regularly inject new features into their popular third-party keyboard, but there are only so many changes they can make without alienating existing users. So the company has created a new space where it can conduct experiments safely. It's calling this initiative SwiftKey Greenhouse.


The first piece of software to sprout up in SwiftKey's new garden is the Clarity keyboard, an alternative to the company's main product that takes things back to basics. Aside from the ability to capitalize or access symbols using gestures, there's nothing in the way of fancy features here. There isn't even a prediction bar.

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'SwiftKey Hub' Content And Settings Menu Debuts In 5.3 Beta Update

SwiftKey has announced beta version 5.3 of its third-party keyboard, and this time the highlight feature concerns a new menu for accessing content and settings. It's called the SwiftKey Hub.

This little menu appears to the left of the prediction bar. It serves as a quick way to access the app's most popular settings. This is a change from having to activate a separate key's secondary function, as SwiftKey (using the 123 key) and many other alternative keyboards have done.


The SwiftKey Hub is divided into three sections: Personalize, SwiftKey Store, and Settings. The first includes SwiftKey Cloud, usage stats, and access to the support.

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SwiftKey To Partner With Dashlane To Insert Your Passwords Automatically, Launching This Week In Beta

Swiftkey prides itself on making your mobile typing experience easier and faster than stock keyboards, but these days the competition has really upped its game. Predictions and swiping aren't enough to qualify as unique anymore. But a new unannounced feature from SwiftKey might be just the edge they need to stay competitive.

With the version 5.3 beta launching on Android later this week, SwiftKey is addressing one of the most irritating aspects of typing on a mobile device—entering passwords, and not just in websites. The company will partner with Dashlane, a password manager akin to LastPass and 1Password, to make entering login credentials in your apps as easy as selecting a word from the prediction bar.

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SwiftKey Keyboard Learns Chinese, Khmer, And Lao In Version 5.2

The newest version of SwiftKey opens the third-party keyboard up to millions upon millions of people. How? By officially bringing Chinese language support out of beta. There are seven new input methods total, with ways to type in Simplified, Taiwan Traditional, and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese.


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