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New version of SwiftKey Beta adds a built-in clipboard manager

SwiftKey was snapped up by Microsoft recently, but the company isn't giving up on making its app better like so many other companies have post-acquisition. A new version of the SwiftKey Beta is out today with a much-requested feature—a clipboard manager. It temporarily saves everything you copy, lets you add new items manually, and more.

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[KeyBard] SwiftKey Announces ShakeSpeak, A Predictive Keyboard For All Your Shakespearean Needs

It appears SwiftKey missed April 1 by a few days, as today the company has uploaded a new keyboard app with a difference: instead of using SwiftKey's predictive talents to figure out what your next word will be, it uses none other than William Shakespeare's own words. That's right, England's most famous playwright powers the 'KeyBard,' or rather his words do.

If you start typing a famous Shakespeare quote, such as, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," or, "Now is the winter of our discontent," the app will try and fill them in and complete the sentence.

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Microsoft's Acquisition Of SwiftKey Is Official, Android App Will Still Be Actively Developed

Late yesterday, the Financial Times reported that SwiftKey was in talks with Microsoft about a potential acquisition that could be officially announced during the week. The report was right and this morning both Microsoft and SwiftKey have made the news official on their respective blogs.

The financial details of the acquisition weren't disclosed, but yesterday's report mentioned a $250 Million figure — or about a quarter Instagram if you want. The rest of the deal's terms aren't perfectly transparent either, but SwiftKey's co-founders Jon and Ben made it clear that the keyboard will continue to be developed for Android and iOS.

Our number one focus has always been to build the best possible products for our users.

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Microsoft Is Reportedly Acquiring Swiftkey For $250 Million [Updated]

Microsoft has been releasing its own apps on Android lately, but it's apparently looking to buy one now. Financial Times reports Microsoft is swooping in to snap up keyboard maker SwiftKey for $250 million. SwiftKey is running on millions of Android devices, plus the ones from OEMs that license and re-skin SwiftKey. Now Microsoft could extend its reach to all those devices very soon.

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SwiftKey Updated With New Emoji For Android 6.0.1, Additional Currency Options, And More

SwiftKey is getting an update today, and it'll make you feel very 😀 if you're into emoji. And really, who isn't these days? Fans of full Marshmallow support or multiple currency options will also experience a distinct 😍 sensation. Then there are all the small tweaks and bug fixes, which are pretty 😐.

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SwiftKey Launches SwiftKey Symbols, A Keyboard For People With Speaking Disabilities

SwiftKey — the company behind the eponymous keyboard app — has just released SwiftKey Symbols, an app designed to make it easier for non-verbal individuals to communicate. The picture-based keyboard was developed by a small team at SwiftKey that wanted to make it easier for children with autism or other speaking difficulties to express themselves, and is especially geared towards those individuals.

The app lets users construct entire sentences by picking an image from several categories, such as people, actions, and colors, or from the smart suggestion bar. By harnessing the prediction engine of the SwiftKey SDK, SwiftKey Symbols can more accurately guess at what words or expressions to suggest next.

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SwiftKey Updated To v6.0 With Redesigned Settings Menu, Double-Word Prediction, And More [APK Download]

There's an update to the SwiftKey Keyboard rolling out today, and it's the big 6.0 rev that has been in beta for some time now. You'll notice some substantial changes to the settings UI, but the keyboard itself is getting some cool new features too. It's still rolling out in the Play Store, but we've got you covered with an APK.

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SwiftKey Beta 6.0 Brings Double Word Prediction, Improved Emoji Panel, And An All-New Settings Menu

It doesn't matter how many times I try other keyboards, I can never seem to find anything better than SwiftKey. I've been using it for a few years now, so I've seen nearly every evolution of the keyboard, and I dig using the beta since it gets me in on the action just a little bit earlier than the "stable" version.

Let's take today's update for example: SwiftKey is launching version 6.0 of its keyboard into the beta channel, and it's a big one. The company has not only revamped the emoji panel (which I will readily admit is the least exciting thing going on here in my opinion), but it has also completely resigned the settings menu to be more intuitive and prettier — if you're a longtime SK user, it's actually a bit of a shock at first.

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[Hands-On] Swiftkey Neural Alpha - A Greenhouse Experiment That Works Pretty Well

Every once in a while, we get a sneak peek into the new technology that companies are creating that will ultimately make something better, faster, or [adjective here]. Swiftkey recently launched the latest project from Swiftkey Greenhouse: Swiftkey Neural Alpha. This is the first keyboard on a smartphone that uses artificial neural networks to fix mistakes and predict words. Swiftkey currently utilizes n-gram technology to do this by looking for patterns and common phrases.


Neural Network Clusters

While n-gram technology does use context to create predictions, this new neural network-based engine goes one step further toward truly understanding what you mean. Swiftkey's blog post has a full rundown of how the technology works, and there are many videos explaining neural networks and machine learning.

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SwiftKey Announces Neural Alpha, A New Keyboard Based On Neural Network Technology

Do you ever feel like your phone's keyboard is dumb? SwiftKey has announced a new experimental keyboard that leverages the power of an artificial neural network that hopefully won't make the same old mistakes that other keyboards do. You can give it a shot right now by downloading the SwiftKey Neural Alpha from the Play Store.

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