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SwiftKey adds keypress sounds in latest update

You can customize numerous aspects of SwiftKey Keyboard, but keypress sounds have not thus far been one of them. As of now, they are. The latest update to SwiftKey includes the option to set one of four keypress sound profiles. There's Traditional, Android, Modern, and Blip.

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SwiftKey for Android now supports 150 languages

SwiftKey is celebrating a milestone by reaching support for 150 languages. Think that's too many? The Ethnologue says there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world today, so 150 will seem like a teeny number by comparison, except that it should cover a huge portion of the Earth's population because many of the other languages have less than 1000 native speakers.

For a bit of comparison, Google's GBoard seems to be around the same number on my phone, offering a choice of 149 languages and dialects. There are a few differences here and there between which languages each of the two keyboards include, but they both have multi-lingual support now, letting you type in several languages at the same time to avoid often switching keyboards.

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SwiftKey makes all of its premium keyboard themes free

More than 2 years ago, SwiftKey decided to take its paid keyboard app and make it free. The alternate revenue stream proposed was a theme store for different keyboard looks where some of the options would be paid. That has been going on since then, but it changes today.

Now, all SwiftKey themes are free. Premium themes, paid packs, all 100+ of them. Free. Not a dime required. You can head over to the SwiftKey Store inside your app now to see that everything is marked as free and choose a few themes to download or just grab all the packs.

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SwiftKey update brings redesigned hub with clipboard shortcuts, new languages, and more

You may recall way, way back in June SwiftKey added a neat clipboard manager to the beta version of the app. Now, that feature is coming to the main release along with a redesigned hub interface. That's not all; SwiftKey is getting several new language features too.

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SwiftKey Beta updated with text expansion shortcuts, incognito mode, and all arrows on tablet layout

A big update is rolling out to the SwiftKey Beta channel today. How big? I'm worried Artem might actually explode from the overwhelming joy. SwitfKey Beta now supports incognito mode, so it won't remember you typing private things. There's also support for text expansion, which can save you a whole lot of keystrokes. And that's not all!

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SwiftKey Beta gets a big update with support for 5 simultaneous languages, new neural network languages, and more

SwiftKey has been making some big changes lately, and running the beta version of the keyboard gets you a sneak peek at what's coming next. In the latest beta update, there are new languages integrated with SwiftKey's improved neural network prediction engine, as well as support for using as many as five languages at the same time. SwiftKey loves multi-lingual users, apparently.

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SwiftKey adds neural network predictions to the stable version of its keyboard

SwiftKey released an early experimental version of its neural network-powered keyboard as a standalone alpha app late last year. At the time, we were pretty impressed with the quality of the predictions. Now, the company (which has since been acquired by Microsoft) has updated the main app with new neural network features.

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SwiftKey updated with support for Android 7.0 emoji

If you are among the lucky few who have Android 7.0 Nougat already, SwiftKey's got your back with some updated emoji. Nougat brought ample new emoji, and now SwiftKey has been updated to take advantage of them. This feature previously came to the beta, but now it's in the stable version.

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SwiftKey's email and phone number predictions have now returned to the stable release

SwiftKey is getting back to normal. It all started with a bug that led to people receiving personalized suggestions for other users, which caused SwiftKey to temporarily shut down its sync servers. While sync came back pretty quickly, it only provided predictions for regular words, not more complex items like email addresses and phone numbers. A final fix with support for emails and phone numbers hit SwiftKey Beta last week and today it has made its way to the stable.

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SwiftKey Beta returns phone number and email predictions, adds Android Nougat emojis

SwiftKey hit a rough patch in the last month. A bug with suggestions was causing some crisscross of information between accounts, giving email addresses and phone numbers as suggestions to users who had never entered them. That lead the developers to stop all synchronization in the app then roll out a temporary fix that reinstated the busted sync but only for regular words, not emails and numbers.

Now the final fix is quasi ready. The latest SwiftKey Beta (v adds back number, email, and other predictions containing the character @. However, all learned ones have been wiped so you'll have to start from a clean slate.

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