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[Update: Rolling out to stable] SwiftKey Beta updated with GIF search support and seven new languages

The SwiftKey beta was just updated to fix one of the few oversights in the new GIF support. Now instead of just browsing categories, you can actually search for specific GIFs. So the next time you need to find the perfect animated expression that combines excitement with mild digestive upset, you'll save a tiny bit of time doing it. In addition to GIF search, it also adds support for seven new languages as well as a few other small improvements. 

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[Out of beta] The latest SwiftKey update brings GIF support and 9 new languages for transliteration

Well, we knew it was coming, but as of today the stable version of SwiftKey now supports GIF input. Other features from the recent beta, like transliteration support for a bunch of new languages and keyboard shortcuts for hardware keyboards, are also present in the recent v6.6.2 stable release. So, the next time emoji just aren't expressive enough, you'll be able to find an animation that more precisely and accurately states your feelings, with just a few taps. 

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Switftkey Beta updated with GIF input, hashtag prediction, and new languages for transliteration

Today is the 30th anniversary of the first GIF, and it looks like SwiftKey knows it. The Swiftkey Beta on Google Play was updated today with GIF support. Other new features include hashtag predictions and transliteration support for some new languages, as well as a few bug fixes. So if you need to insert a GIF in your transliterated Punjabi or Bangla messages, well, now you can. 

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Google Assistant now offers topical next-word keyboard suggestions

A number of interesting upgrades for the Google Assistant were announced during the I/O developer conference last week, including the option to use the keyboard as the default input method instead of voice. Now that people have had a chance to play with the new setting it's become apparent that Assistant offers its own next-word suggestions, seemingly related to current events.

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The latest SwiftKey beta adds support for Cantonese and other new typing languages, plus more keyboard layouts [APK Download]

SwiftKey is one of the top choices for Android keyboards out there. It is my go-to and I strongly prefer it over Gboard for a variety of reasons. Regardless of where you stand, the best options offer a lot of language choices for either non-English speaking and/or multilingual users.

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[Update: Stable] SwiftKey Beta improves the flow experience with 3 possible predictions

One of the reasons I don't swipe on my smartphone's keyboard very often is that I can never be too sure what the prediction engine will insert especially when the word is too short or the letters and swipe motion are very similar to another word. "To" and "too," "art" and "at," "deal" and "desk," are some of many examples where moving your finger a few millimeters and pausing on a letter for a few milliseconds can make all the difference between a quick message and lost seconds spent tapping backspace and retrying to type the correct word.

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SwiftKey adds keypress sounds in latest update

You can customize numerous aspects of SwiftKey Keyboard, but keypress sounds have not thus far been one of them. As of now, they are. The latest update to SwiftKey includes the option to set one of four keypress sound profiles. There's Traditional, Android, Modern, and Blip.

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SwiftKey for Android now supports 150 languages

SwiftKey is celebrating a milestone by reaching support for 150 languages. Think that's too many? The Ethnologue says there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world today, so 150 will seem like a teeny number by comparison, except that it should cover a huge portion of the Earth's population because many of the other languages have less than 1000 native speakers.

For a bit of comparison, Google's GBoard seems to be around the same number on my phone, offering a choice of 149 languages and dialects. There are a few differences here and there between which languages each of the two keyboards include, but they both have multi-lingual support now, letting you type in several languages at the same time to avoid often switching keyboards.

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SwiftKey makes all of its premium keyboard themes free

More than 2 years ago, SwiftKey decided to take its paid keyboard app and make it free. The alternate revenue stream proposed was a theme store for different keyboard looks where some of the options would be paid. That has been going on since then, but it changes today.

Now, all SwiftKey themes are free. Premium themes, paid packs, all 100+ of them. Free. Not a dime required. You can head over to the SwiftKey Store inside your app now to see that everything is marked as free and choose a few themes to download or just grab all the packs.

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SwiftKey update brings redesigned hub with clipboard shortcuts, new languages, and more

You may recall way, way back in June SwiftKey added a neat clipboard manager to the beta version of the app. Now, that feature is coming to the main release along with a redesigned hub interface. That's not all; SwiftKey is getting several new language features too.

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