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SwiftKey Beta gets a big update with support for 5 simultaneous languages, new neural network languages, and more

SwiftKey has been making some big changes lately, and running the beta version of the keyboard gets you a sneak peek at what's coming next. In the latest beta update, there are new languages integrated with SwiftKey's improved neural network prediction engine, as well as support for using as many as five languages at the same time. SwiftKey loves multi-lingual users, apparently.

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SwiftKey Beta 6.0 Brings Double Word Prediction, Improved Emoji Panel, And An All-New Settings Menu

It doesn't matter how many times I try other keyboards, I can never seem to find anything better than SwiftKey. I've been using it for a few years now, so I've seen nearly every evolution of the keyboard, and I dig using the beta since it gets me in on the action just a little bit earlier than the "stable" version.

Let's take today's update for example: SwiftKey is launching version 6.0 of its keyboard into the beta channel, and it's a big one. The company has not only revamped the emoji panel (which I will readily admit is the least exciting thing going on here in my opinion), but it has also completely resigned the settings menu to be more intuitive and prettier — if you're a longtime SK user, it's actually a bit of a shock at first.

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Latest SwiftKey Beta Can Use Evernote And Google+ As Personalization Options

Since what seems like forever, SwiftKey has been able to use SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, and Yahoo to "learn" your typing style and better predict your next words. All of these options work well, and now the SK team has added a couple more choices in the latest beta: Evernote and Google+.

Evernote personalization was added "in response to the great feedback" for SwiftKey Note on iOS, the team's first offering to iOS users; Google+ personalization was added because, well, people like to use G+, basically. Here's a look at the other changes found in the latest:

Changelog for the update:

  • Added personalization from Evernote
  • Added personalization from Google+ public posts
  • Improved UI for emoji
  • Improved emoji pane-switching performance
  • New Themes selection menu

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed mentioning people in Google+ posts
  • Quick period after emoji now works
  • Flow experience improved on layouts with main letters on secondary characters
  • Switched email @ button back from to
  • Fixed problem with unsupported emoji being predicted (see a square in the prediction bar)
  • Fixed problem with smartspace inserting spaces between words and punctuation
  • Fixed several force closes and crashes

If you're a SwiftKey users and like to live on the edge, you can grab the latest beta download right here.

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SwiftKey Update Brings New Winter Theme With All Of The Snow, Wind, And Updated Install Processes Of The Holiday Season

SwiftKey's latest update won't radically alter how you type in the days ahead, but it will do its best to remind you that, baby, it's cold outside. A new winter theme is available that coats your keys in blue and covers them with snow. A cold gust of wind follows your trail as you trace over the keyboard, and the letters show up as large snowflakes as you type. The keyboard's background itself also sports a frosty design.


If this theme is too cool for your tastes, don't worry, that's not all there is to this update. The installer has been tweaked and will now automatically download language packs.

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Latest SwiftKey Beta Introduces A Simplified Installer, Because Sometimes What Works Can Still Use Fixing

SwiftKey's changing again, but don't expect anything drastic this time around. The team has altered the keyboard installation process to make it easier to follow. The new one has fewer steps, reducing how much the user is presented with out of the gate.

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