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Swappa's new Repair Network maps your local repair shops, skipping the sketchy ones

Swappa is one of the best places to sell phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, and certain other types of electronics. However, there are times when repairing your existing device is preferable to selling it, which is where Swappa's new Repair Network comes in.

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The best used Android phones you can buy right now (Winter 2019)

With new phones becoming ever more expensive over recent years, it makes sense to consider used devices. Price retention is relatively low for Android handsets, so you can get the almost latest and greatest for much less. Thanks to outstanding budget products like the Pixel 3a and a few OnePlus devices, there are great options at almost any price point. Here's a roundup of some of the best phones in four categories ranging from sub-$150 to $350+.

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Used phone buyer's guide: The best value for every budget (Fall 2017 edition)

Depreciation is great - not so much for people who purchase things new, but definitely for those of us who get to swoop in and grab a slightly-used item for a fraction of the original price. This is the case for cars, furniture, tools, and as we'll be discussing today, smartphones. Whether you're looking into the used market because you cracked your screen, you need to buy a phone for a relative/friend, or you just want the best performance for the money, this updated guide will help you find the best entrants at different price brackets. We made one for spring 2017, and here's your fall 2017 edition.

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Secondary phone marketplace Swappa now offers protection plans starting at $50

Buying a used phone is something of a crapshoot. Customers can do all the research they like or pore over photos with a magnifying glass, but eventually they just have to trust that someone else hasn't dumped a lemon of a device onto the next sucker. Swappa, a marketplace for gadget buyers and sellers that specializes in Android hardware, is trying to take some of the uncertainty out of that process. Starting today the company is offering device protection plans for phones, with laptops and tablets coming soon.

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Swappa increases fees for the first time since launch, ditches flat $10 per sale cost

Those of you who switch smartphones often have probably heard of Swappa, an online marketplace that people buy and sell mobile technology on. In the past few months, Swappa has been expanding to offer options to sell devices such as VR headsets, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. Now, for the first time since its launch back in 2010, the site is raising its sales fees.

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Swappa Releases An App That Tells You How Much Your Phone Is Worth, But That's All

Swappa is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell gently used smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. It sort of makes sense it would have an app, but they only just now got around to it. It doesn't really do a whole lot right now, though.

The Swappa app is really just a price checker in this initial release. When you open it, the app identifies your phone and gives you pricing history, as well as what it's going for now. There's also a search feature so you can check other devices. At the bottom of the listings for each device you have buy and sell buttons, but all they do is open up the Swappa website in your browser.

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