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[New Game] Man Of Steel Flies Into The Play Store, May Or May Not Be Invincible

The new re-reboot of the Superman franchise is getting a lot of buzz, and now you can get in on the fun with the official Man of Steel game. It's arriving right on time, in fact. Can you save the world in this new game, or will you lose interest and go on Reddit or something while General Zod conquers Earth? Stop being so lazy, Superman.

From all appearances, this title seems like yet another Infinity Blade clone with swiping combat and pretty graphics.

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Official Man Of Steel Game Coming To Android On June 14th, And The String Of Beat-Em-Up Licensed Titles Continues

Superman and video games have a somewhat tenuous relationship. After Superman 64 became one of the biggest stinkers in console gaming history (so... many... rings...) it put a black mark on the last son of Krypton, and the subsequent games have never managed to escape its infamous shadow. The licensed game for the upcoming reboot Man Of Steel is trying to set a new standard for Superman games... and doesn't stand a Kryptonian's chance in Apokolips of actually achieving it.

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