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Super Mario Run passes 100 million installs on the Play Store


A new 'Super Mario Run' update is out, and you can expect a handful of new content along with a lower price

That's right, if you had forgotten all about Super Mario Run, it might just be time to check back in and see what is new. Not only is there an all-new character you can unlock, but there is a new mode called Remix 10, where you play through 10 random successive sections pulled straight from the game’s numerous levels. Oh, and if that was not enticing enough, Nintendo has halved the original $9.99 price down to $4.99 for the next two-weeks.

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Super Mario Run's first update adds Google Play achievements, more Toads, and not much else

Everyone was begging Nintendo for years to just start releasing mobile games. It's doing that now, but Super Mario Run was not exactly what the general gaming public wanted. Still, it's not bad as endless runners go, and it's getting an update today—its first since release.

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Super Mario Run is out on the Play Store [APK Download]

Super Mario Run is Nintendo's second smartphone game, the first being Miitomo. The company no doubt annoyed some Android users when it announced Super Mario Run at the iPhone 7 launch event, only promising that the game would be available for Android at some point. Now the game has finally arrived on the Play Store.

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[Update: Release in March] Super Mario Run is up for pre-registration on the Play Store

One of the most anticipated games of the last quarter of 2016 is Super Mario Run. The game was announced by Nintendo at Apple's event in September as an iOS-first release and was made available a couple of weeks ago to rather disappointed reviews that plunged the company's stock value. An Android release was always in the cards, but we never got a specific date to go with it.

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As stock value plunges, Nintendo now says it has no plans to bring any DLC to Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has, to put it lightly, not fared well in its first five days. The game is saddled with a 2.5-star rating on Apple's App Store with over 50,000 reviews, and Nintendo's share price has plummeted over 15% as investors hoping the mobile title would become a major new profit engine for the company began to react.

Nintendo currently plans to bring Super Mario Run to Android, but hasn't specified a release date. The game is technically free, but in reality, the one $10 in-app purchase is required as it is the only way to access the actual content of the game.

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