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Microsoft's Acquisition Of SwiftKey Is Official, Android App Will Still Be Actively Developed

Late yesterday, the Financial Times reported that SwiftKey was in talks with Microsoft about a potential acquisition that could be officially announced during the week. The report was right and this morning both Microsoft and SwiftKey have made the news official on their respective blogs.

The financial details of the acquisition weren't disclosed, but yesterday's report mentioned a $250 Million figure — or about a quarter Instagram if you want. The rest of the deal's terms aren't perfectly transparent either, but SwiftKey's co-founders Jon and Ben made it clear that the keyboard will continue to be developed for Android and iOS.

Our number one focus has always been to build the best possible products for our users.

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Microsoft Sunsets 'Sunrise Calendar,' Will Roll Its Features Into Outlook Soon

Microsoft acquired Sunrise Calendar earlier this year, and now comes the news that fans of Sunrise have been dreading. The Sunrise app is dead, but its features will be rolled into the existing Outlook app. Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on the first Sunrise-infused Outlook update, but it has offered up some screenshots to tide you over.

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Sunrise Calendar Now Has Full Integration With Office 365 Accounts, Is Mostly Supported

In a move that isn't all that surprising, Sunrise Calendar now offers full support for Office 365 accounts. Considering that Microsoft bought Sunrise a few months ago, it was no great leap to expect better integration into that ecosystem. We already saw Wunderlist support added shortly after Microsoft bought them, too. Office 365 joins a hefty list of providers you can use with Sunrise.


There are many more that I couldn't include in the screenshot above, including another full screen of "application" providers and both Google and Wunderlist, which are already a part of my account.

I didn't need to update my Sunrise app to see the new option.

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Sunrise Calendar Adds Support For Wunderlist, See Scheduled Tasks Along With The Rest Of Your Agenda

From now on, you can add Wunderlist to the myriad services available for integration in Sunrise Calendar. Any tasks that have a date associated with them will appear alongside any other all-day events in your calendar. This is in line with Sunrise's philosophy that they "always pair what you need to do with a time when you’ll be doing it."

Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-04-11 Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-04-29 Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-05-24

Once you have connected Wunderlist, it will work just as described. If you have completed a task, it will still be there, but with a checkmark. Here's an example from my calendar, where I had a task for paying my credit card bill.

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Sunrise Calendar Updated To v4.0 With 'Meet' Quick-Scheduling Keyboard

Making a new meeting usually requires going into your calendar app in some capacity, but the new version of Sunrise offers an alternative. You can simply switch to the Sunrise Meet "keyboard" to set things up. They call it a keyboard, but all it really has in common with other keyboards is that it's in the keyboard area of your screen.


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Sunrise Calendar Adds Popular TV Networks And Shows To Its List Of 'Interesting' Calendars

Let's be honest here: you really don't give a crap about Arbor Day. But if you forget to record the season finale of The Flash, you're going to be out three bucks for a Google Play episode purchase. To help alleviate this first-world problem, Microsoft subsidiary Sunrise Calendar has added hundreds of TV shows across dozens of networks to its "Interesting Calendars" feature, allowing for quick and easy TV scheduling on top of its usual handy interface.

2015-05-07 15.13.09 2015-05-07 15.14.34 2015-05-07 15.16.16

Right now the feature is wide, but not deep. While the TV selection has most of the popular local and cable television networks and both first-run and syndicated shows on offer, it doesn't seem to be capable of distinction between new episodes and reruns.

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Microsoft Confirms Acquisition Of Sunrise Calendar, No Word On New Apps For Now

Last week the scuttlebutt around the strangely popular world of tech corporate acquisitions was that Microsoft had purchased Sunrise Calendar, a good-looking and well-received alternative to built-in calendar apps on Android and iOS. Today Microsoft has stated that yes indeed, they bought it, though they haven't confirmed the reported $100 million dollar price tag. The confirmation came in the form of a YouTube video that has oddly been set to private, but various news outlets including VentureBeat got a look at it before it went dark.

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Microsoft Reportedly Buys Sunrise Calendar For Over $100 Million

Like any company out there, Microsoft wants you to use its products. In those cases when you choose not to, it reserves the right to buy whatever it is that you actually are using. That way you're happy and you're still using Microsoft's stuff. Everybody wins, in a way.

The company's latest acquisition, according to TechCrunch, is Sunrise Calendar. It reportedly dished out over $100 million to seal the deal.

Sunrise Calendar is available for a number of platforms spread across mobile and desktop. Want it for Android? There's an app. Want it on your laptop? You can get it for Chrome.

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Sunrise Calendar 1.3 Brings Push For Google Calendar, Integrated Support For Todoist And Trello

There is no shortage of calendar apps for Android, each of which is looking for a way to set itself apart from the crowd. Lately I've settled in with Sunrise Calendar as my go-to, as it's just easy to use and provides all the features I want in a calendar. And it just got a little bit better.

As of version 1.3, it now syncs immediately with Google Calendar. When changes are made in any of the apps, on the web, or in the Chrome app, then it happens across all devices in real-time. That's how a calendar should work, honestly.

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Sunrise Calendar v1.2 Adds Exchange Support

There are innumerable calendar apps in Google Play, but one of the real standouts is Sunrise Calendar. This app has a clean interface, a solid widget, and support for plugins. However, it only worked with Google and iCloud accounts at launch. Now you can add Exchange to that list.

2014-08-21 19.03.29 2014-08-21 19.04.43

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