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FCC proposes 988 as a new national number for suicide prevention hotline

One of the most vital services the government offers is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It runs around the clock every day of the year and is intended to help ease people from the critical distress they may be facing in a moment of need. But if you weren't able to use its web-based chat line, would you be able to dial its number (1-800-273-8255 or 1-800-273-TALK) by memory if you ever needed it? Chances being what they are, maybe not. That's part of why the FCC is proposing to use a new number, 988, as a redirect to the lifeline.

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Feeling Suicidal? Karoshi By YoYo Games Now In The Android Market

Another game hit that was previously available only as a Flash game on PCs is now on Android, and its premise may surprise you. Mr. Karoshi, who happens to be an "overworked Japanese salaryman" is feeling suicidal. Your job? Finish him off.

The puzzle game features dark humor (no kidding?), 50 levels, a mini game, and is actually quite a bit of fun. Check out the trailer below - it shows off the Karoshi quite well:

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image image image

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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Sony Ericsson X12 "Anzu" Previewed, Found To Be A "Suicide Committed By Blowing Yourself Up With A Stick Of Dynamite"

Just about a week after Sony Ericsson's latest plaything was first leaked, Mobile-Review's Martin Elm has gotten his greedy hands on the device, and frankly, his initial impressions make the phone seem seriously underwhelming.

Rather than making a truly competitive high-end device, SE appears to have taken the original X10, which never sold  well to begin with, and tweaked it here and there without making any major changes.


On the hardware front, Sony Ericsson's bumped the camera's megapixel count from eight to twelve, although Mobile-Review found that the prototype they handled was limited to taking stills at 3MP, with the maximum resolution for video being 325x288.

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