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16 major iOS 14 features Apple 'borrowed' from Android and Google

Unless you've been forcibly avoiding the news, you know iOS 14 is now a thing. But if you don't use an iPhone (or maybe even if you do), you might not have bothered checking out what was new in Apple's latest mobile operating system. But as fail to be basically every year we watch the WWDC keynote, no one on the Android Police was surprised to have one recurring thought: "hey, that feature looks familiar." Apple apparently felt very inspired by Android in the last year, and iOS 14 has a whole bunch of "world-first" innovations to show you that—very coincidentally!—also

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Android 11 Beta 1 adds dynamic app suggestions to the Pixel Launcher home screen, and here's how it works

We knew that Android 11 was going to bring App Suggestions to the Pixel Launcher, based on reports from a handful of folks that got the update early, but we didn't actually know how that would work in practice. Now that we've had a chance to play with it, here are all the details. In short: It's pretty snazzy.

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Android 11 Beta 1 adds new ways to control Pixel Launcher app suggestions, including adding them to your home screen

We still don't know why Android 11 Beta 1 seems to have started rolling out to some folks before even the postponed Beta Launch Show, but features in the new version of Android have already been spotted, including some new options for the Pixel Launcher's app suggestions feature. And when Beta 1 lands, it looks like you'll even be able to set app suggestions to replace your persistent bottom row of apps in the Pixel Launcher.

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[Update: Works in Beta 5] You can't disable app suggestions in the Pixel Launcher in Android Q Beta 4

One of the changes introduced with Android Pie was a list of suggested apps and App Actions in the drawer and the Overview screen when you were switching between apps. However, that was a customizable setting that you could disable if you wanted. With Q's latest Beta 4, the setting is gone, meaning you can't get rid of those icons if you don't want to see them.

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Android Q Beta 4 finally organizes the Share menu alphabetically, with suggested apps on top

Hold your collective breath, people... Google is using some sort of logic to order the Share menu on Android Q Beta 4! I kid not. After the many messes we've seen the Share menu go through, I'm just really incredibly happy that there's a sense to the madness now. Whether you agree that an alphabetical list is the best way to order the menu or not, it doesn't matter. At least there's a clear order now.

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