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You can now set a new reminder straight from an Android notification

The last few Android iterations have introduced a lot of contextual actions and shortcuts in various places of the OS. You can select a phone number to call it, a word to define it, an artist name to open it in Spotify, or you may sometimes find smart actions in notifications. The most widely available of the latter is an "open" button when you receive links. Now, there's a new addition that lets you set reminders only when a contact asks you to do something.

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Google Messages is suggesting GIF searches based on your conversations

Support for Tenor GIFs was recently added to Google's SMS messaging app, allowing you to easily add a GIF into your chats by tapping on the + and then 'GIF search.' Google really wants to encourage you to use this, it seems, as it's now offering suggestions for GIF searches based on your conversations.

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'Suggested actions' come to Google Messages in version 4.1.065

Using the increasing power of its AI smarts, Google is getting better at anticipating our next move and offering us convenient suggestions that make our lives easier. We've seen this with App Actions in Android and suggested edits in Google Photos, and now a similar feature has arrived in the Google Messages app.

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Google Photos v4.8 is preparing a new suggested sharing feature based on your interactions [APK Teardown]

In a busy week of updates, Google Photos is joining the pack with the v4.8 release. As is fairly usual, the visible changes appear to be limited mostly to minor tweaks to wording. However, a teardown does point to some of the things we might expect in the future, including a new or enhanced feature for automatically suggested sharing, a new option for photobook cover imagery, and more.

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Google Photos is planning AI-powered recommendations called suggested actions

I/O is now in full swing, and so far Google has placed a significant emphasis on its AI-powered plans for the future. In fact, it's planning on making one of its best products ever, Google Photos, even better through liberal machine-learned seasoning called suggested actions. So the next time you grab a photo of your friends or an image doesn't come out quite perfectly, Photos will be able to lend a hand. 

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[Update: Confirmed] Android Messages starts showing Smart Replies, plus whacky interface for adding attachments

A couple of months ago, Cody unearthed in his Android Messages 2.3 teardown hints of the app implementing suggested actions, something akin to Gmail and Inbox's smart replies, but more in line with Allo or Assistant in that it could suggest to share your location or open your calendar and more. The image above is our first glimpse at what one of the possible actions, smart replies, could look like.

You can see from the 3 bubbles that smart replies will look very similar to Gmail/Allo/Inbox.

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